Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fennec will Present Before the End of 2009

Mobile version of Mozilla Firefox browser will present shortly Mozilla officials said Jay Sullivan. Jay said that Mozilla is working hard to ensure that its mobile browser can be present before the Christmas and New Year. Jay said that the browser is called Fennec's now just counting the days before launch. To resolve the possibility of Mozilla Fennec can make the developers overtime during the Christmas holidays and is planned to be released before year end 2009.

When released, Fennec will initially work on handsets Nokia N900. Therefore, Fennec will be available in stores owned by Nokia Ovi. But according to Jay Sullivan, Firefox also is developing versions for other handset operating systems. This includes Google Android and the mobile operating system's Windows.

Jay Sullivan also added that developing a mobile browser for the iPhone is more complicated. "Apple is very limiting because it does not allow any other browser, and also a closed platform, we do not see it will happen in the near future", said Jay Sullivan.

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