Saturday, December 26, 2009

Youtube also Followed Google to Use the Short URL

Shorten the URL addresses for easy sharing via the various social networking sites also ogled YouTube. Video sharing site was launched a short URL with address. Short URLs is a tool for changing the Internet address of a long string of random characters and shorter this can only be used to shorten the link address, now YouTube is also followed Google to use the short URL. Utilization will help the spread of YouTube links to various social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other networks.

Before YouTube, Google and Facebook have previously more use of short URLs, Google launched and Facebook also launched service is used only on the Toolbar and RSS feeds in Feedburner service and has so far not been used in other services. While the new designed for mobile services.

Short URLs starting to catch on since the last 18 months since popularized TinyURL and Short URL utilization rose dramatically as the Internet allows users to share links via Microblogging sites like Twitter, FriendFeed, Plaxo, Bkite, Plurk, etc., which limit the number of characters in each posting.

Short URL is the most widely used on Twitter. Nearly 75 percent of the outstanding short URL in the site microblogging is Last month, has recorded 2 billion Internet addresses or links up dramatically from only 11.8 million links over the past year.

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