Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Carpet Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler was Found in a Museum

A carpet that is believed was once owned by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, found accidentally in a museum in Yorkshire, England. Historic carpets previously used as a floor coating used in the bunker occupied by Hitler. Carpet pieces are saved from Hitler's bunker by Howard Green infantry in 1945. Uniquely, small pieces of carpet were found by a staff who was sorting files in Regimental Museum, in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Maybe for some people who saw the carpet patterned with a yellow flower background blue leaves, do not change just like regular carpet. But the carpet that has a high historical value, because it was never used by the main character of the Second World War. "We were surprised by the pattern of the carpet. Surely the carpet pattern is very contrast with the picture of Hitler's bunker," said Museum Director, Lynda Powell.

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