Saturday, February 6, 2010

Developing the Potential of Children to Grow Optimally

Basically every parent wanted kids healthy, intelligent, and good behavior in their lives everyday. That way, someday they will become children who excel and resilient to face the challenges of the future. However, please be aware that such a superior generation will not grow by itself. They really need a fertile environment is created for that purpose, which allows the potential that children can grow more optimally so that healthy, intelligent, and well behaved.

In this case, the parent holding a very important role. The atmosphere of loving, willing to accept children as they are, appreciate the potential of children, and provide a rich stimulus for all aspects of child development, whether cognitive, affective, and psychomotor, all it really is the real answer to the growing generation of excellence in the future. However, the formation of a perfect child like that seem to be hampered. Therefore, currently there are children in a pattern confined to the classroom learning in a monotonous and closed, full of rules and pressure. The result, children become stressed and had no opportunity to develop themselves further.

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