Monday, February 1, 2010

One Petal Flower Raflesia Arnoldi has been Cut

Arnoldi Raflesia flowers in full bloom at the perfect 40 Km causeway Bengkulu City-Kepahiang Indonesia has been destroyed by irresponsible elements by cutting one of the petals. Members of the team Caring Puspa Rare Monok dam from Kepahiang District, said that these flowers bloom only 2 meters away from the road so very easy to reach visitors.

"We do not know who cut the petals of this because there was no guard at night," he said. Rare flower that blooms perfectly still visited by visitors who crowded to see the beauty of flowers. One visitor said he was disappointed with the actions that improperly. Raflesia which normally flower has five petals, with one eyelid is cut only four that made it less attractive flowers to be seen. According to the Head of Central Administration Natural Resources Conservation of  Bengkulu province, said that Protected Forest Hill Leaves is a habitat Flowers Raflesia and flowers are often found in full bloom.

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