Sunday, February 28, 2010

Emergency Steps after Earthquake 8.8 Chile

Destruction that the quake hit Chile last Saturday, leaving the concerns of citizens. President Michelle Bachelet announced the immediate emergency steps to resolve the issue by the earthquake that has occurred. An earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter Scale that struck Santiago, Chile, killing at least 708 people. Also reported 1.5 million buildings destroyed. Until now, the government has implemented a curfew in some areas, considering the number of incidents of looting. Chile's own military were deployed to assist the rescue and prevent looting.

"Chile faces tremendous disaster and weight of effort required to handle after earthquake conditions," said President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet. President Bachelet own emergency measures announced immediately. These efforts include, delivery of aid to areas affected by air transport, drainage of free assistance to the region and Biobio Maule, and efforts to guarantee electricity supply.

After the post-earthquake centered in Concepcion, Santiago, Chile, public facilities in some places have started to operate. Several roads had begun to pass though to have some diversion. While the airport in Santiago was opened after previously closed due to damage to terminals and airport traffic tower. Agency Risk Assessment United States, Eqecat estimated losses suffered if Chile could reach $ 30 billion, and this loss is equivalent to 20 percent of Chile's income per capita.

Chile did not officially ask for help directly to the international side, but Bachelet will receive all the assistance offered by foreign parties. President to be stepped down from office in two months, said his country needed field hospitals, disaster management experts, and rescuers to help the other team had already served. Until now, many people are still afraid to Chile returned to the house.

Residents forced to stay in emergency shelters during the last two days. Chile quake occurred at 06.34 GMT, on Saturday, February 27. Earthquake focal point in the 115 km in the northeastern city of Concepcion, or about 325 km southwest of the capital Santiago with a depth of 35 kilometers. Chile earthquake was also predicted to bring tsunami waves to several countries such as Russia, Japan, Australia and other countries through which the Pacific Ocean.

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