Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Valentino Rossi Auction Yamaha R1 for Donations

By giving a donation to a charity, the organizers deliberately Yamaha MotoGP and motorcycle racing to build a theme which Valentino Rossi will soon be auctioned. Taken from the base Yamaha R1, motor sport is merged graphics 'Five Continents' is a feature of Valentino Rossi. If there is a bid at high prices, then it will be donated to Riders for Health movement.

His inspiration comes from the graphics driver's helmet that numbered 46. All the ornament is poured directly by the Daytona 200 champion in 1972, Don Emde. In addition to the logo graphic features The Doctor, Yamaha R1 has also experienced a slight modification include Roland Sands aluminum rim, exhaust system Akrapovic Evolution output, as well as themed Ohlins suspension front and rear suspension FGRT808 now using TTX.

According to Emde, Riders for Health is a natural body of official MotoGP series is supported by those involved in these two-wheeled racing to help those in need of funds. "But we do not want to rush Rossi motorcycle auction this before we explain more about these motors, so when the auction and auction sites we have not decided anything," said Emde

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