Saturday, March 6, 2010

Earthquake Aftershocks will Hit the Chilli in 1 Year Ahead

After the devastating earthquake that has rocked Chile, February 27, three aftershocks have been surprised all citizens in Chile. Predicted aftershocks are still going to shake that Latin American countries until the year ahead.

Latest aftershocks took place on Friday, March 5, together with the arrival of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Ban's arrival made to review the location of the earthquake before the United Nations aid delivered.

According to scientists from the Agency United States Geological Survey (USGS), have analyzed the aftershocks of an earthquake in Chile is likely to continue for the next 1 year. "The bigger the earthquake, will be greater the more aftershocks would occur. Also that aftershocks will be more and longer stay, despite the aftershocks of the power will decrease, it still will be felt by residents during the next few months. In fact, maybe these aftershocks will continue to occur for 1 year, "said USGS scientist John Bellini.

Chile has been shaken by more than 200 earthquakes since the magnitude 8.8 earthquake occurred last week, and the quake had killed about 802 people, although the number is corrected by the Government of Chile to 452 people killed. Aftershocks in Chile is expected to have considerable power by the researchers. Proved several aftershocks strength exceeds 6 SR, including three aftershocks that occurred on Friday last.

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