Saturday, June 19, 2010

Facebook in 2009 Revenues Reached $ 800 million

Facebook financial performance increasingly showing its strength. Facebook in revenue in 2009 reached approximately $ 800 million. In fact, the net income of this social networking site for tens of millions of dollars recorded last year. Facebook in 2009 revenues doubled from the previous year, growth in earnings and revenue that showed how Facebook more and generate money for six year.

As is known, Facebook ranks as the largest social networking site in the world with nearly half a billion users. Thus, it is possible to generate investor interest to release the stock to public (IPO), despite the insistence of IPO firms is not a priority at this time. July last year, Marc Andreessen Facebook Council members said that the company is on track to earn income above $ 500 million.

In September, Facebook said that they were more positive cash flow, so the company can generate enough money to cover operating expenses and capital expenditure needs.Whereas previously, a variety of media to predict revenues reached $ 550 million Facebook to $ 700 million. In fact, two sources say that Facebook revenues in 2009 was $ 700 million to $ 800 million.

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