Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FIFA release an own goal by Daniel Agger

FIFA made a few changes about suicide goalscorer in a duel between the Netherlands vs Denmark at the Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, Monday (06/14/2010). FIFA looked at Daniel Agger's first player to score the first suicide in this 2010 World Cup.

Previously, Simon Poulsen's name listed as the perpetrators of the own goal which gave advantage to the Netherlands. He is a "brain" of the creation of goals in the 46th minute, which makes the World Cup team from the Netherlands got a chance to win the inaugural match of allowance for Group E.

The duel ended with the score 2-0. The victory for the team Windmills is preceded by Daniel Agger own goal early in the second half. After the goal, World Cup team from the Netherlands more incentive to conduct attacks on the Denmark goalkeeper, so they can add one more value ahead of the game is over. In the 85th minute, Dirk Kuyt's first ball that rebounds on the goalposts to ensure that the Netherlands won 2-0 and lead the standings.

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