Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tweets World Cup in 2010 was Still Below the NBA Finals

The World Cup has attracted the attention of Twitter users anywhere in the hemisphere. But who would have thought tweets about the World Cup in 2010 had defeated the NBA finals that took place last Friday. Trend topic about World Cup 2010 could go down a few ranks below the topic of the NBA finals. This downgrade occurred when the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship.

According to spokesman Sean Garrett Twitter, Twitter measuring tool to see the tweets per second around 3,085, shortly after the Lakers beat the Boston Celtices and retain their victory to-16 time. Sean Garrett explained, record the largest number of tweets before achieved by World Cup match in 2010 when Japan won the match against Cameroon on Monday last. At that time, circulating around 2,940 tweets tweets per second is sent 30 seconds after the goal happen.

Then in the third position, a record number reached 2,928 tweets tweets per second when the match Brazil against North Korea by a score of 2-1. Mexico created goals that produced the game series against South Africa, reaching 2.704 tweets per second. Until now, Twitter has been able to attract the attention of approximately 190 million visitors each month.

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