Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Printing the Document using the Cloud

Google provides printing solutions to long-distance or remote by relying on the cloud, for Android and iPhone smartphones. Google has launched a service that allows users to print documents from any printer without having to install the printer driver to the computer. Now Google is expanding its services by attending the Google Cloud Print.

Cloud Google Print can be operated to print any document on your phone, even email attachments or contained in Gmail. The service is still in beta format. To use this service, users send documents remotely to a printer destination. Users must open the document to be printed, in a file or in the Gmail inbox, via a browser. Then select 'print' from the menu located in the upper right corner. Thus, your document will be printed remotely.

Users of this service may be possible to print a variety of email attachments, either pdf or doc. Unfortunately this new feature will be found at short notice in the U.S. and can only be used on phones that support HTML5, such as mobile phones running on Android operating system 2.1 and above, as well as iOS 3 and above it. To start using these services, users must connect the printer to them first to the Google Cloud Print.

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