Monday, February 21, 2011

Ancient Skull Found in Lake Hoyo Negro

Scientists found ancient human skull in the bottom of the lake region of Mexico. This finding was possible to support the hypothesis Solutrean theory. Solutrean hypothesis which states that the first humans who lived in the North American continent migrated from Europe and not from the Bering Canal.

National Geographics reported that the invention is located on a site with a depth of 610 meters below sea level, called Hoyo Negro in Spanish which means 'black hole', located within the cave system Aktun Hu, the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Diver Alex Alvarez, Alberto Franco Attolini and Nava are the ones who do the research.

The team also found a big star and mastodon bones at the bottom of the lake with a depth of 60 meters, which certainly requires further research. "Area of Hoyo Negro size is difficult to understand. As soon as you enter the place, you can not see the bottom," said Franco. Then, at a depth of 43 meters, the team found a human skull.

"This study is great because it could find some animals from the Pleistocene. But by finding a human skull is very unusual for us," said Alex, who called the findings as the 'Holy Grail of cave exploration. Guillermo de you, an archaeologist from the University of Yucatan, says that the skull looks like from the era of  pre-virtual. However, You do not say whether the skeletal structure has a characteristic of Europe or the Bering. The researchers believe that the area was once a dry area, which has been submerged in water, when the ice age ended.

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