Monday, February 21, 2011

Innovation Worst in a Decade

Although the most popular social media today, Facebook and Twitter rated as the worst innovation during the last decade. Thus the results of polls the British consulting firm of The Foundation of 2,200 consumers. The Foundation, the consultancy for the retail, banking and other consumer companies making the list of innovations that contribute the most and least to British society over the last 10 years.

Surprisingly social networking site Facebook is ranked second in the category of innovation that contributes at least in the UK. While micro-blogging site Twitter was ranked fourth. Reality TV program called the most useful innovation. Most respondents argued, the program was 'annoying' and 'wasting time'. Respondents expressed the same reason against Facebook and Twitter. Internet network online shopping home and occupy the two top most useful innovation in the UK. The search engine Google was in the top three, while GPS is ranked 10.

Here's a list of innovations that contribute most in the UK for the last 10 years:

1. Home broadband .
2. Online shopping .
3. Google .
4. Chip and Pin .
5. Digital camera / photography .
6. Online comparison sites .
7. Movement of community recycling .
8. Health labels on food packaging .
9. Cheap flights .
10. GPS / Sat-Nav .

While the information with a low contribution in the UK are:

1. Reality TV .
2. Up and so forth .
3. Pop-up ads .
4. Twitter .
5. IVR / Interactive voice response on telephones .
6. Congestion charging .
7. Paid plastic bags .
8. DVD subscription scheme .
9. Tracker mortgage.
10. Public bicycle schemes.

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