Friday, February 25, 2011

Smartphone in China Attacked by a Virus X Undercover

Approximately 150 thousand users of smartphones in China reportedly attacked by a virus called 'X Undercover'. The virus called 'X Undercover' is only attacking the smartphone, but has spread to all users in China.

X Undercover could make the hackers to monitor phone calls and text messages to copy. The virus did so by taking advantage through the cracks of existing vulnerabilities in smartphones, and open a three-track service calls without user's knowledge. X Undercover  virus has the ability to gain access to a telephone and messaging services without the knowledge of mobile phone users.

The virus has serious implications, which also allow hackers to track the GPS position of the victim. X Undercover is also offered on several websites in China as a monitoring tool to spy on spouse, dishonest employee, a stubborn child, and others. The virus is sold at 3,000 yuan.

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