Friday, March 11, 2011

40% of Sites in England were Not Visited

A recent survey conducted showed that 40 percent of sites in England were not visited at all by the user. The study shows that some internet sites in the UK failed to attract users from both online advertising as well as from a free listing on Google and other search engines. The survey reveals that 91 percent of the company's business in the UK failed to make advertising pay-per-click on the internet.

A survey conducted by ClickScene, found that 10 thousand of websites registered in the UK, only 9 percent who used ppc advertising, like Google AdWords.  Surprisingly, 40 percent of these sites are not being visited at all, whether it be through advertising or ppc search results from search engines. This indicates that the patrons may be family and friends of the site builder.

"The Internet has become popular for over 10 years and now people use it as part of their lives," said Andrew Willis, Managing Director of ClickScene.  "But in business, not necessarily beneficial, there are about one million new domains registered in the UK in 2010. But if there is no change to this problem, many sites would be empty of visitors in the future," said Andrew.

ClickScene recently has developed a free service that checks the website content and examine how they operate. The new service is said to create an attractive site visitors and prospective customers.  There are about 10 thousand sites officially registered in the UK which is checked by the service between February 21 and March 3, 2011.

Each site is checked based on the results of the 40 million keywords and phrases. 9100 site does not appear in the advertisement of a pay-per-click, 4047 site does not get visitors from search listings and search engine sites do not appear in the 4002 advertising pay-per-click and do not receive visits from search engine listings.

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