Saturday, March 12, 2011

Games Affect Child Psychology?

Games that contain elements of violence proved not affect the child's negative behavior. Research in Canada shows, playing games does not cause long-term effects on emotional memory. The rise of computer games that contain various forms of violence causing anxiety for parents. The argument is usually uttered these games can make children tend to become like the violence and in the end it's the children who commit violence against the environment.

But recently a new study says otherwise. The researchers revealed, the game filled with violence is not actually a long-term effects for a person's behavior, especially for a long time. As a result, people who like to play the game will erase the negative image of violence seen in tests of memory and emotional reactions out at same level, as well as performed on people who do not like playing games.

"People who love to play games and what not, not much different from the contents of memory and physical reactions, in addition, there were no differences also in the way each group faced a thing after seeing negative images of violence" said Holly Bowen, a doctoral candidate in Department of Psychology, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

However, testing has been done to the lovers of the game as soon as they play games, and the result does not reflect the long-term effects. To assess whether game violence affects a person's brain in the long term, Julia Spaniol, recruited 122 undergraduate psychology students to participate in their studies.

"Memory-related emotions is a very important part of your cognitive functions. If you do not mind going negative or dangerous situation, you can not learn from this and avoid such incidents in the future, "said Bowen. A total of 96 of the study volunteers were female and their average age 19 years. Meanwhile, 45 people in the group are at least playing the game for six months earlier. While the remaining 77 people did not get the exposure of violent games.

Both male and female participants were asked to play the game Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, and National Hockey League (NHL). The men reportedly entered the five highest scoring games of Call of Dutydan Tekken fighting. While the participants were women prefer to play Guitar Hero and Rock Band or play racing go-kart riding Mario Kart. This study shows 150 images, which is positive, neutral, and negative to the participants.

One hour after playing, the researchers showed the participants yet another picture, but were randomly assigned as the image confidence man. If the brain PC gamers have been influenced by the game, the researchers theorized that they should be less able to remove or recall the picture of the violence. However, the researchers found no difference in memory recall between the two groups.

And, the gamers and non-gamers reported similar levels of physical stimulation from the image depicted and shows the same feeling when looking at a photograph. However, Bowen explained, this study can not definitely assert that violent games do not affect people to violence.

In the study did not give a piece of the puzzle, and perhaps, play games do not have long-term effects on cognition and memory processes. The researchers noted, however, the volunteers only explain their passion to a picture of violence is not monitored heart rate and other physiological responses, and further research is still needed.

"The premise of this study is that we think people who are exposed to games that show violence may be sensitive to violence, and if that happened, they should not be considering a number of disorders and violent images are just as much," said Tracy Dennis, a professor of psychology at Hunter College of the City University of New York, United States.

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