Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shoe Model to Determine the Character of the User

The selection model of shoe that is usually used to describe the nature, attitude, and character of a person. French psychologist who has conducted research has revealed the relationship between female characters and the shoes they wear. Have found an interesting fact, that the women who love high-heeled shoes like the center of attention. They want to always feel beautiful and in need of recognition to it. With high-heeled shoes, women want to be in higher positions because of their low self-esteem.

High heel shoes are also worn by women tend to challenge, show anger, and have a side full of passionate sexuality. Shoes sandals worn by the women most likely to be confident, and energetic who can enjoy their attractiveness, acquaintance with ease, and natural. Choosing low-heeled shoes is characteristic of a woman who is very soft, flexible, and relaxed. Women tend to be compromise and very pleasant to talk to him.

But high-heeled shoe wedges, according to psychologists, of course worn by a woman is confident, assertive, and able to defend his point of view, although at certain times rather unexpected. Practical and romantic people prefer to wear flat shoes. Psychologists claim that the woman has a direct attitude and always wanted to succeed in any way. Low-heeled shoe, most likely will be worn by girls who know what they want from life, but prone to depression, and fatigue.

Without the right shoes worn by women is cerminanan an open heart, they are easy to come when contacted to meet with someone, but feel somewhat conservative, and not always ready to accept the changes. Then, shoe model that describes what your character is beautiful, interesting and dynamic?

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