Saturday, March 19, 2011

Toshiba factory in Japan was Closed

The impact of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan continues to cause effects to the whole world industrial components. The latest, hardware manufacturer Lenovo is very worried when Toshiba will make the closure of their factory. Toshiba has decided to shut down the factory that produces screen Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for a while. Lenovo is using Toshiba LCD worried about component shortages products.

"All the assembly plant at Toshiba in Tokyo that makes LCDs for smartphones and other devices will be closed to repair any equipment damaged by the earthquake," said a spokeswoman for Toshiba. Toshiba become a supplier of components for industrial and mobile devices for automotive navigation. Two factories, including one that still operates contribute 5% of the global LCD market share.

Lenovo, one of the only vendors of electronic goods that worry about lack of supply of components for their products due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. There are many other companies that suffered the same fate, even predicted this would happen to a big company like Apple. "In the short term, this may not affect too much. But we are worried about the impact on next quarter," said the chief executive of Lenovo's Yang Yuanqing.

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