Saturday, March 19, 2011

US CENTCOM Spy on Users of Social Networking

The United States military through the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) would spy on users of social networking activities with using a false identity. CENTCOM had hired Ntrepid service, a software firm from California, to create 500 fake online identity. In a contract valued at USD 2,76 million was mentioned, Ntrepid have to provide false identities with "includes background, history, supporting details, and the existence of a consistent cyber technically, culturally, and geographically."

Fake profiles will be handled through a terminal operator and can perform communication through a standard electronic communication methods. Meanwhile, his workstation will run a VPN with an IP address that is always changing.

"This technology supports the activities of secret blogging on foreign sites for CENTCOM could anticipate the extremists and the propaganda of the enemy outside the continental U.S.," said Bill, spokesman of Central Commander (CENTCOM). Still, he insists, this operation will not run against U.S. citizens, because the action was illegal.

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