Saturday, November 19, 2011

Google's Music Creates New Fears

Google has just launched its music downloads service, but analysts regarded it as a lost opportunity. The presence of these new services, signaling it will directly compete with iTunes. According to the independent music analyst Mark Mulligan, Google has missed a great opportunity, by making these services 'just a store downloads'.

"Google is a crossroads for many of their digital lives. The company is expected to make the service a much more imaginative than just simple downloads and stores the digital locker system," said Mark. Mark Mulligan also assesses Google missed an opportunity to create a digital music service, which can be traded in the company's dominance.

"I think Google Music will be a product that joins the dots of digital music in one place. Look at how much you accomplish on Facebook f8 conference (with the partnership offering of streaming services Apotify and Deezer), without a lot of licenses from a single record label. most people begin the journey of their digital music with a Google search bar and Google music does not reflect it, "said Mark.

The launch of Google Music also has prompted fears that the giant search engine that will compete directly with the number of partners and application developers for the Android platform. "With the launch of its own donwnload store, now Google will be competing with the music service from the many manufacturers of mobile handsets. It can be scary for them," he said.

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