Saturday, November 19, 2011

Smartphones Business Options

The new survey revealed, if now the iPhone beat BlackBerry to be the major cell phone used by businesses to support the smooth running of their business. Previously known as the BlackBerry mobile phone of choice for the business community to meet their business needs. However, according to iPass survey, it is now no longer valid.

iPass has conducted a survey in 2.300 workers in more than 1.100 companies around the world. The results of the survey showed, 45 % of them prefer to use the iPhone to support their business activities, while 32,2 % still chose to use the BlackBerry. Whereas last year, BlackBerry is still slightly ahead in front of the iPhone with a percentage of 34,5 % for BlackBerry, and 31,1 % held an iPhone.

In third place was certainly no Android smartphones with the percentage of 21,3 % who said the businessman prefers to use the phone with the operating system from Google to facilitate their business activities. If Research in Motion (RIM) dared to issue a new operating system in the near future, businesses may increase the desire to re-use BlackBerry, at least, can go up 2,3 %.

BBX will most likely be the new name of the BlackBerry OS is planned next slide in June 2012, but RIM has not issued an official announcement about it. With the results issued by iPass, it is clear to make Apple proud, because it is currently a major mobile phone selected businesses to support the smooth running of their business.

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