Thursday, January 31, 2013

Easy to Improve Computer Performance

Performance computer
When the performance of your PC starts continued to decline, such as the speed, the first thing you might do is simply buy a new machine to replace it.

But, basically, there are several steps you can take to restore your computer's performance as when first bought.

1. Select the program that is important
If you can spend a cup of coffee while waiting for your computer to boot up, it's time to make some changes. Most likely your computer is slowing down because of the dozens of programs simultaneously lit at startup.

To reduce these symptoms, you should choose to disable certain programs at startup or try msconfig found in Windows. To find it, go through the Start Search or Run and type "msconfig" under the tab "Startup". Uncheck the boxes of the programs you do not need to run every time the computer is turned on, for example, iTunes or your printer. If you do not recognize a program, leave it, and then restart your computer and see the results.

2. Clean data
If you feel very slow in the surf is a major problem, there are some simple changes that you can do. Delete your internet usage data on the History, Cookies, Cache, Download History. For further precaution, you should try some free application programs to temporarily remove the files from all of your browser.

3. Use the lightweight application
This involves more than just removing the programs you no longer use. Several types of programs require a high level of computing, so you'll want to replace it with a multifunction program that uses less Random Access Memory (RAM). We have had a lot of free applications that can replace your old program and be able to speed up your PC and provide additional features at the same time.

4. Automate updates
Update is sometimes annoying, sometimes we prefer to postpone it as we want. However, in the end you are so frustrating to take the time to update everything.

To fix this, you simply go to My Computer> Properties> Automatic Updates. Make sure the settings you choose to download and install automatically. To really know what programs you need to update, you can install a free program from the market, to provide you with notification of any application that must be updated.

5. Make some upgrades
If you love playing games on the PC, the graphics card may be investing in something that must be for you. However, you also have to balance the motherboard specs you use.

The most effective way to improve your PC's performance and support for you to play the game is by adding larger RAM capacity. If you have less than 2GB of RAM, it's obvious which one you should first upgrade.

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