Thursday, January 31, 2013

Microprocessor Quad-Core FX Vishera

AMD Quad Core
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), was officially released quad-core processing units to date. Codenamed Vishera, chip unit is called FX-4130, which means including the series 4100 and supported by the older generation silicone Zambezi.

Latest processors have the same kind of bit generation Piledriver based FX-series CPUs today. Since the four cores are present, which means that two Piledriver modules can be found inside.

As Bulldozer / family Vishera chip, FX-4130 quad-core does not have integrated graphics, unlike the A-Series Llano and Trinity, or Richland in this case (A10-6800K). While the A-Series APU and all the other meant for the system without additional video board, Bulldozer is meant for a PC with better graphics, where the game can go either cost is not too high.

Newcomers quad-core processor, with 2.8 GHz clock speed is (3.90 GHz Turbo Core), 2 MB cache memory per module Piledriver (4 MB total) and 4 MB L3 cache, have the same price as the Intel Core i3 processor unit -2100. Detailed instructions of the AMD FX-4130 includes things like SSE4.2, FMA, XOP, AES-NI and AVX, some of which are absent from the Intel CPU equally valuable.

Finally, cooling chips that AMD has sales and stocky size larger than others. It was explained that the larger sizes have a more powerful airflow at low rotational speed. AMD can safely claim the FX-4130 processor is less noisy than other alternatives. Compared with the FX-4100 which is the previous series, the FX-4130 3-9% faster, based on Piledriver higher flexibility and better overclock.

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