Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Google Manipulates Search Results

Google has been in the investigation of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for 9 months over alleged manipulation of search results. Today, the internet giant has agreed to change some business practices that could potentially reduce the search results.

Google said that it will allow site owners to block their pages from search results specials. Suppose a user tried to find a comparison of goods through Google Shopping, the search results would be less.

The change comes after the FTC reprimanded Google not to abuse the online content that comes from shopping or travel sites to be displayed in a special search hers.

FTC worried if Google can act as a hub for certain services and the site had no way to resist, the creator of the site and their funding sources are likely to be difficult because it is dominated by the Internet giant.

In short, the hotel review site owners may not want to review his show on the page Google Travel, Google Travel fearing visitors no longer visit the original site

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