Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Google's New Tactic of Attacking Apple

Apple vs Google
After years of attacking Apple with cheap Android devices, Google recently known to create new tactics to subvert the company bearing the fruit of the apple in the mobile business.

This new tactic might be called a "moment caterpillars eat the fruit". Because Google is really eroding Apple from the inside. During the last six months, Google has been trying to "kick" the main applications in the iOS operating system in conjunction with software of its own.

  • July 2012, Google launched its Chrome browser for the iPhone that can be used to replace the native iOS browser, Safari
  • October 2012, the Internet giant to bring Google Search by voice search features that compete with Siri.
  • December 2012, tens of millions of iOS 6 can breathe easier because getting the Google Maps application instead of Apple Maps is problematic.
  • Application YouTube also launched a new version to fill the former position, after being dumped by Apple to update iOS 6.

Google did not plan to stop here. In fact, the company is increasingly focusing its efforts on developing iOS applications. A site that contains a Google internal quotation Google iOS developer interview with Ken Bongort even contain links to job "iOS developer" from Google.

Google's efforts to win the hearts of users use the products and services of the internet giant may be sweet fruit. AppData, which monitors the ranking of the iTunes App Store, for example, revealed that YouTube and Google Maps respectively the first and second position on the ladder free applications.

6 iOS users were flocking to download Google Maps to replace Apple's Maps application which became the default choice in the mobile operating system. A number of iPhone users also claimed to be more suitable with Google products, rather than similar applications from Apple.

"My main smartphone is an iPhone. Adaah I think the iOS operating system that's great, but later Google applications seem more suited to me," says Liz Gannes of AllThingsD, who admitted throwing Apple applications from the homescreen and replace it with software Similar fib Google.

Like it or not, the mobile world is now increasingly split in two. On the one hand there is the fact the Android users rely on Google products. On the other hand, iPhone users which is the second largest ecosystem of the many who download Google applications. This situation benefits the internet giant.

Well, if you include iOS users who also love using Google applications?

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