Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Samsung Switched to Operating System Tizen

OS Tizen
Samsung, the largest Android device manufacturers in the world, felt he had a strong position in the smartphone market that plans to expand to release a phone with an operating system Tizen. Samsung step is presumably a reaction to Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility in 2011.

Like Android, Tizen is an open-source operating system that has been used in tablet devices, cell phones, entertainment systems in vehicles, and Smart TV. Its market share is still far behind Android or iOS, but this operating system competes with other open-source platforms such as Sailfish and Ubuntu for smartphones recently introduced.

Tizen circumstances can change a lot with the backing of Samsung, which is one of the manufacturers of smartphones with the greatest profits in the world. Third quarter of 2012 and then, Samsung has a market share of 35 percent and shipped 56.9 million smartphones.

Despite reaching a large critical success with Android, Samsung seems to never be satisfied with the operating system. South Korean manufacturer, for example, always apply skin interface TouchWiz UI across all Android devices hers, except the Nexus series made in partnership with Google.

With Tizen, which was formed by executives from Intel, Vodafone, and Samsung itself, is likely to offer a higher flexibility than the Samsung Android is owned by Google.

Samsung plans to release some phone models Tizen once in 2013, but the products will be sold in limited markets Eastern countries. If successful, the product sales of Samsung's Tizen will be widened to the markets of Western countries.

DoCoMo, the Japanese mobile operator Tizen a fourth partner, is likely to be the first operator to receive Tizen based products from Samsung.

Samsung steps to distance from Google may be less fun for the Internet giant's Android owners. However, this could be an opportunity for Google to get up with devices made by Motorola, such as X Phones are rumors circulating lately.

Google itself since first acquiring Motorola stressed that the manufacturer of the device will not be in priority among the other Android vendors. So far Motorola has not been a partner flagship Android phone (Nexus).

Samsung estrangement which had been a partner of Google in the recent two Nexus models it potentially provides an opportunity for Motorola to perform the so-called XPhone addressed as opposed to the iPhone from Apple.

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