Friday, September 27, 2013

Android Creator Journey

Android smart phone operating system is not strange in the ears of many people. But the name of Andy Rubin, who knew ? He is the figure behind the success of Android in the whole world Android creator .


New Bedford, June 22, 1946, the creator of Android was born into the world . Man who loves robots and so excited about the things related to the robot. One of the things that is the reason why Android is the epitome of a robot. In fact, he worked in the robotics section on the company Carl Zeiss AG, where he first worked after graduating from college .

Previous Andy stumbled in carrying out their work , before he worked at the company for Google. He built a company, and destroyed. Then create another new company with new ideas, and then broke again. Until finally he created a new innovation, which successfully ' sniff ' by Google for his future then recruited by corporate giants .

At first Andy has worked at Apple at the manufacturing company. It works under the leadership of CEO John Sculley in 1989, before Steve Jobs took over the leadership. But his career at Apple is not smooth when Andy moved to the research and work in a subsidiary of Apple, General Magic. Apple subsidiary that focuses on making software and produce Magic Cap. But unfortunately Magic Cap quiet enthusiasts and General Magic finally folded.

Andy Rubin

Former Apple employee and veteran then agreed to establish a new company named Artemis Research in 1995. Company focused on the development of television combined with the internet, and renamed MSN TV. The company was acquired by Microsoft, and Andy eventually left the company in 1999, rented a shop in Palo Alto, California, and satisfy their thirst for creating various kinds of robots .

Bored produce robots alone , Andy returned to open the company in 1999. This time the idea to develop a mobile device that have excess laiknya to access data on a company called Danger Inc. . Such as PDAs, but Andy says the device is not a PDA, but it's more than that . He called Sidekick. Until Microsoft bought his company and Andy once again came out in 2003.

In 2002 Andy was giving a guest lecture at a university of excellence Sidekick. During that time, the founders of Google, Lary Page and Sergey Brin, follow the lecture. Google officials approached Andy after the show and is very interested in the idea. And again Andy build a new company called Android Inc in 2003 to develop programs Sidekick. Android was bought up in 2005 by the giant Google. And that's when Android start a mobile-phone operating system worldwide.

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