Friday, September 27, 2013

Android Version 4.4 Kitkat

 The presence of Android version 4.4 or Kitkat was first announced in early September. Now, towards the end of the month, leakage, seepage face of Google's latest operating system that have begun to circulate.

Google images seen in implementing a number of changes to the phone dialer and messaging applications on the operating system. Changes in the phone dialer display includes a more flat design and light blue color scheme is brighter.

For messaging, the control panel Kanas moved to the corner of the screen, from which ever before on the bottom. Color of the status bar at the top of the row containing the notification and signal and battery are now apparently subject to change, depending on the application being run.

Android Kitkat

In addition to some of the views above, new functionalist not known what Google implemented in Android Kitkat. This operating system is rumored to be released in October, along with a smart phone Google Nexus 5, and tablet Nexus 10.

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