Friday, September 27, 2013

Google Street View Cars Hit a Pedestrian

Google Street View cars taking photos in the Bogor-Indonesia reportedly struck a pedestrian. The Google car driver attempted to flee, but instead crashed into another vehicle that stopped. The incident, which occurred on Thursday (09/12/2013) at around 14:00 in the rural areas of Bogor, Indonesia.

"Unfortunately, Google Street View car collision at the border village even after trying to escape", seen in the photo, Google Street View cars were damaged in some parts.

Google Street View

The car just did not seem damaged by the collision, but allegedly also ransacked. This is evident from the damage to the car in the front and rear are quite severe.  Google Street View car broken-ravaged masses in Bogor Indonesia, Thursday (09/12/2013). Photo: mginanjar, members of the forum Kaskus.

Google Street View

Windshield cracked, dented front bumper looks to hang. Meanwhile, the rear glass is broken to pieces. Seen a number of people who were gathered around the car. There is no clear information about this incident, including the condition of the driver who was hit by a car and citizens.

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