Friday, September 27, 2013

Facebook finally provides a feature to 'Edit Post' on social networking pages each user. This feature is one of the most anticipated by Facebookers.

The latest update of the Facebook for Android app bring up a button to edit the post and comments, as well as showing the changes that have been made​​. But not all Android devices are able to enjoy this new feature.

Edit Post Facebook

Facebook confirmed the feature will be available in the Facebook app for Android and the web tomorrow. For a while this post edit feature is not yet available on the Facebook app on various Apple devices. Button to edit this post can be found on the top right corner in the form of an arrow pointing downwards.

This new feature is a feature that many criticized by previous users. According to the survey, not a few people who felt sorry after writing a post on Facebook. Moreover this post edit feature has long been available on competitors like Google+ social networking

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