Monday, May 26, 2008

Increasing Capacity In The System Cellular

There are several ways to increase the capacity of the system cellular.

Using Frequency reuse
Dense population of cells to be overloaded with the relocation frequency of cells that are not overloaded.

Conducting Cell-Splitting
Cells with dense population is doing cell splitting into several new cells into a new cluster of small to add more capacity. This is done by making changes in the parameters of the transmission link budget recalculate and also make a new design for the antenna height of the BTS.
Two types of cell splitting:
• Permanent Splitting: Cell of the permanent, it must be done to the planning cooked to the following matters:
1. The number of channel
2. Power transmitter
3. The frequency allocated
4. Determination of Cell Site
5. Traffic load
• Dynamic Splitting: This technique is also referred to as the "Real-time splitting" because cell division is done only at the time it needed to overcome the traffic density that is temporary
cell splitting
Conducting Sectoring
Dividing cells become sectors, usually 3 sectors (each 120 °) or 6 sectors (each 60 °). Each sector will be served by a directional antenna and the frequency varies. Interesting directional antenna to reduce co-channel, which makes a smaller cluster with a larger capacity.