Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Profitable Gold Bullion Coins

Gold is a precious metal's most desirable and popular as a high-value investment. Graph of gold prices always rise every year and investment gold bullion provide an option for anyone who wants to protect your assets from inflation. Many companies have dropped investment option gold to protect their assets.

Investments with a buy gold bullion is very suitable for use as a protection against the value and wealth. in general the higher the inflation, gold prices usually will get better with a fairly high increase from the previous. When many people are panicking against economic uncertainty, the price of gold will increase.

When inflation is low, the price of gold will tend to be constant in a favorable position for investors. Protect your wealth with a buy bullion tends to stable, and safe from the effects of inflation. Gold investment is suitable for you who want to protect the wealth of the economy prone to inflation, and no such risk in investment shares. Do you have invested?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Member LulzSec Hackers have been Caught

British police are working with the FBI arrested a man aged 19, related to the attacks by hackers LulzSec in government and business sectors including the CIA, the U.S. Senate and Sony. The man named Ryan Cleary was arrested at his home in the area of ​​Wickford, Essex, southeast England. The arrest is said to be associated with an attack by a party hack LulzSec. Cleary is now being questioned at a London police station.

"Yes, the arrest is related to a hack attack Lulz Security. We believe that this is an important arrest," said police sources who confirmed the arrest. But responding to the arrest, the LulzSec stay relaxed, and still post in their Twitter account, hack attacks that have been done, nor about the arrest just happened.

"It seems LulzSec leaders have been arrested. Everything has now ended. Wait, we're still there too! So who do they catch?" LulzSec writing in their Twitter account. It is said that a special team of cyber security has arrested a man who is connected with the action of a hack in the business sector and the government some time ago.  "This attack is a further step of an investigation into the attack Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) that attacked several businesses and government institutions some time ago.

New Species of Forest Rats

Seven new species of forest rats was discovered by scientists in Luzon, the Philippines's largest island, says a new study suggests. The discovery of this new species of forest rats, increased the number of native animals on the island of Luzon.

According to scientists, the seven strains of mice is part of a subgenus called Megapomys, which is part of the genus Apomys. These mice are relatively large, weighing approximately 65-110 grams. Two of the seven new types of mice were found on Mount Tapulao in Zambales Mountains, and two are found on Mount Banahaw, an active volcano in the Philippines, two more in the mountains Mingan in the province of Aurora, and the remainder was found in the mountains of Sierra Madree in northeast Luzon.

"These mice were indeed found in the mountainous region. They usually avoid humans and are harmless. They used to eat earthworms and seeds," said Lawrance Heaney of the Filed Museum in Chicago. Lawrance said that despite its small size, these animals are an important part of animal diversity in the Philippines.

India Ttop Google Street View

Google Inc. has been ordered by the Indian police to suspend the services 'Street View' in the IT center of India, Bangalore. Google says this is a setback from the latest global mapping project that was hit by privacy concerns. Google has sent a fleet of cars all over the world to capture millions of images used in the map as part of the panoramic Street View service. But this is precisely the concern by local governments throughout the state by reason of regulatory challenges to the protection of privacy data is for each country.

"We received a letter from the police commissioner about Street View. We also are reviewing and have stopped our car until we have the opportunity to answer any questions or concerns of the police," said Google. Indian police commissioner declined to elaborate on reasons for issuing the letter ..

Bangalore city is a leading IT center and the third largest economic center in Asia. In which Google employs thousands of local nationals. The city is also the headquarters for Microsoft, Yahoo and Intel India. Google began collecting pictures of Bangalore city since three weeks ago. Bangalore is the first city in India that are targeted by the Street View.