Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Release in April

Software developers will launch the Adobe Creative Suite package (CS5) on April 12, 2010. The package includes Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver. However, Adobe has not given details of the features found on the latest version of the Creative Suite. Earlier, in the year 2009, photoshop senior product manager John Nack has leaked that to Photoshop CS 5 will be available first to support the Mac.

In Flash CS5 Professional, Adobe also promised to facilitate developers to create interactive applications on the platform iPhone and iPod Touch. Developers can export a Flash application such as foreign applications iPhone. This makes the popular Flash based applications can be played on the iPhone only with a little modification.

The application developers can also take advantage of the unique features on the iPhone such as accelerometer and multi touch to enhance the application interface is developed. The Flash application developers did not need to learn Xcode and Objective-C language to create applications for the iPhone OS. So as to facilitate their work to create a multi-application platform.

Forbidden to Use VoIP Technology in Egypt

Egyptian government officially banned the use of technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to make international calls. Egypt requires international calls must go through an international connection services of government-owned telecommunications operator Telecom Egypt.

The ban was imposed for telecom operators in Egypt, such as Vodafone, Mobinil and Etisalat. "National Telecom Regulatory Authority has decided that VoIP is stopped and we had to stop since last Saturday," said Director of External Affair of Vodafone, Khaled Hegazy.

The obligation to use the connection property intenasional Telecom Egypt is an effort to increase the income of state-owned operators such. As we know Egypt declining revenues since 2009. The presence of VoIP applications like Skype has lowered income Telecom Egypt. Given the more users switch to using Skype because they cost very cheap.

VoIP, or often also called IP Telephony, Internet telephony or Digital Phone is a technology that allows voice conversations remotely via internet. Voice data converted into digital code and streamed through the network sends data packets, and not through a traditional telephone analog circuits. In addition to low cost and even free, VoIP benefits the other is the use of a smaller bandwidth than ordinary telephone.

Mobile Data Traffic to Get a Big Leap than Voice Traffic

Shift in the use of mobile phones are now beginning to be felt throughout the world, the evidence from a survey conducted Ericsson has changed the use of these wireless communication devices. Users not only use the phone solely for the call or send short messages. Ericsson is a provider of enterprise telecommunications infrastructure network of the world, during the last two years of data traffic jumped sharply enough. The use of mobile data during these two years off of 280 percent.

Described Hans Vestberg CEO of Ericsson at the CTIA Wireless show in Las Vegas, United States, the current voice traffic only produce as much as 140 terabytes of data a month. Data traffic, of course, is greater than that, though reluctant to disclose Hans in detail. "It is the latest milestone for the mobile internet users. 4.6 billion users of mobile devices, broadband internet users reached 400 million," explained Hans.

Although not reveal the details, but the data may be an indication Ericsson telecom industry margin data traffic that was getting a big leap than voice traffic. "It's currently the voice traffic is still dominant, but that's because the data capacity already exceeds the limit. If, 4G or LTE has been adopted, then the problem can be overcome," said Hans.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Italian Police Arrest Mafia Boss by Using Facebook

Italian police continue to try to fight the Mafia, various methods were carried out to hunt the Mafia bosses who controlled the circulation of drugs, or gambling business. Facebook's presence became the most powerful tool to determine the existence of Mafia networks, and the Italian police have arrested Pasquale Manfredi successfully with the help of Facebook.

Police use a number of technological devices to determine location of Pasquale Manfredi when updating Facebook status. Just two hours ago, Pasquale had arrested at a location in Italy. Pasquale is a fugitive from the police on charges of killing his business rival with bazookas. Police chase has done since 2004, but Pasquale was always away from the pursuit. Eventually the police found a Facebook profile with the name of Georgie, who were originally suspected to be Pasquale Manfredi.

But, the police ensure that the account owner Georgie is one of the Mafia group under the leadership of Pasquale Manfredi. Italian Mafia was known to often use Facebook to recruit new members and as a means of communication between members. Therefore, the police have requested that Italian society had carelessly accept friend requests on Facebook.

EchoStar-14 Satellite was Launched in Russia

Russian Space Agency has announced the launch of a communications satellite owned by the United States on Saturday. The satellite was successfully orbited through the base Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazahkatan. EchoStar Satellite-14 are brought together with the Proton-M rocket, and successfully lifted off precisely at 21:21 Moscow time.

EchnoStar-14 satellite and the Proton-M rocket ride on a spaceship who weighs nearly 6.3 tons of rocket drive it with Briz-M. Expected to drive separate from the rocket and the Briz-M was in position to 119 degrees West in geostationary orbit, or about nine hours after launch.

Launch of EchoStar-14 satellite is a belonging of Loral Space Systems, the satellite TV company DISH Network satellite Americans. Expected with the presence of EchoStar-14 satellite is able to provide quality service with high image definiton (HD) for 15 years, for customers in North America.

Russia and the U.S. have conducted cooperation in International Launch Services, including the launch of a satellite with U.S. telecommunications company, EchoStar. This satellite is the second after Russia launched a commercial rocket in 2010. Baikonur Cosmodrome is the launch of one of the largest space in the world, in this place of Sputnik 1, the first earth satellite was launched.

New System Filters for Content on DVDs

A new electronic system for the sensor function called ClearPlay now began to be applied in the UK. These systems filter out negative content contained in the DVD. Technology automatically edit the scenes which have pornographic content, violence, terrorism, racial intolerance and other negative content and regulated by the user desires.

Filtration systems that were adopted in the UK this weekend, using technology that is integrated into the latest generation of DVD players to skip on and off unwanted content based on seven categories to choose from. The system could work in hundreds of films that have been released and will be applied also to the newer films newly released to DVD within 48 hours.

"One of the big problems until now continuing debate about the choice of entertainment for children. Is the show worth watching them, or not," said Chief Andrew Duncan ClearPlay International. According to him, offered him the system can function effectively ended the debate that discusses children's entertainment. "This system allows the whole family can sit and watch the show together without fear," he said.