Saturday, December 26, 2009

Youtube also Followed Google to Use the Short URL

Shorten the URL addresses for easy sharing via the various social networking sites also ogled YouTube. Video sharing site was launched a short URL with address. Short URLs is a tool for changing the Internet address of a long string of random characters and shorter this can only be used to shorten the link address, now YouTube is also followed Google to use the short URL. Utilization will help the spread of YouTube links to various social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other networks.

Before YouTube, Google and Facebook have previously more use of short URLs, Google launched and Facebook also launched service is used only on the Toolbar and RSS feeds in Feedburner service and has so far not been used in other services. While the new designed for mobile services.

Short URLs starting to catch on since the last 18 months since popularized TinyURL and Short URL utilization rose dramatically as the Internet allows users to share links via Microblogging sites like Twitter, FriendFeed, Plaxo, Bkite, Plurk, etc., which limit the number of characters in each posting.

Short URL is the most widely used on Twitter. Nearly 75 percent of the outstanding short URL in the site microblogging is Last month, has recorded 2 billion Internet addresses or links up dramatically from only 11.8 million links over the past year.

Negeria Man Trying to Blow up the Northwest Airlines

Perpetrators who tried to blow up the Northwest Airlines (NWA) that landed in Detroit, USA, Friday 25 December 2009 it was a man from Nigeria who associated with al-Qaeda network. The suspect suffered burns severe enough, the fire burned one of his legs and should be extinguished with water added quencher. Thus according to one passenger who became witnesses.

Passengers also claimed was afraid would land safely, and the burning smell was detected when they landed. The suspect is now detained authorities. Two passengers also suffered minor injuries, but survived. "We believe this is an experiment terrorism efforts," said one White House official. President Barack Obama was on vacation in Hawaii and have been monitoring this situation.

Peter King, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives of the state security committee, said that the explosives used "quite sophisticated", and the suspect named Abdul Mudallad are Nigerians aged 23 years. "When the bomb went off, the suspect was also wounded. He suffered severe burns, the bomb was somewhat different from what we usually find," said Peter.

Christmas Message to Stop the Violence and Revenge

Pope Benedict XVI, in a traditional message Urbi et Orbi on Christmas Day, called on the world to stop the violence and revenge. Pope's 82-year-old showed no sign of tension after a woman who 'mental instability' hit and made her fall, at Christmas Eve Mass, Thursday night.  In the Urbi et Orbi message from the main balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, the pope urged the world to rediscover the simplicity of Christmas and read the message of Christmas greetings in 65 languages. When the Pope spoke to tens of thousands of people in the field below, the Vatican remained focused on the incident Thursday night, which again questioned, how the pope should be protected when close to the masses.

Susanna Maiolo (25 years), a citizen of Italy and Switzerland, surprising the world's Catholics and Vatican security when she suddenly jumped the security barricade at the Basilica, jumped to the Pope, took his robe and made her fall to the floor. The Vatican declared that women are psychologically 'unstable' and not armed. Maiolo then taken to a hospital in Italy for psychological treatment. Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said, Friday, that can not be super-imposed tight security for the Pope because of proximity to people is part of the mission. "It is impossible to prevent the occurrence of something, even at close range," said Lombardi told reporters.

"The Pope wants direct pastors relationship and close to the people, where he can touch the children, shaking hands, do what you want him to do and what people expect him to do," said Lombardi.  He added, "If you impose a super tight security, it is not possible. It can not be in direct contact with people, away from them, contrary to the spirit of his mission. So, therefore, there is always a risk," he said.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fennec will Present Before the End of 2009

Mobile version of Mozilla Firefox browser will present shortly Mozilla officials said Jay Sullivan. Jay said that Mozilla is working hard to ensure that its mobile browser can be present before the Christmas and New Year. Jay said that the browser is called Fennec's now just counting the days before launch. To resolve the possibility of Mozilla Fennec can make the developers overtime during the Christmas holidays and is planned to be released before year end 2009.

When released, Fennec will initially work on handsets Nokia N900. Therefore, Fennec will be available in stores owned by Nokia Ovi. But according to Jay Sullivan, Firefox also is developing versions for other handset operating systems. This includes Google Android and the mobile operating system's Windows.

Jay Sullivan also added that developing a mobile browser for the iPhone is more complicated. "Apple is very limiting because it does not allow any other browser, and also a closed platform, we do not see it will happen in the near future", said Jay Sullivan.

Patriot Missiles are Sold at U.S. $ 1.1 Billion

U.S. defense companies, Raytheon, local time on Wednesday said it received contracts worth 1.1 billion dollars to provide a new Patriot missile systems to Taiwan. The contract has been in planning since 2008 when the Pentagon told Congress that they allow Taiwan to buy advanced interceptor missiles and more new and other defense equipment.  Sales of military equipment that has provoked objections from China, which considers Taiwan a breakaway province. Raytheon, based in Massachusetts, said it had received notification of the approval of contracts for hardware system with a target on land valued at 965.6 million dollars and spare parts contracts worth 134.4 million dollars.

A Raytheon official explained, the contract will include new advanced missile launchers and other equipment, but that the missile itself will be part of a separate contract. Raytheon in recent years has received a contract to upgrade the Patriot missile system is designed to intercept ballistic missiles.  "The Patriot system is an important element to provide missile defense capabilities and integrated with air superior to the protection of Taiwan," said Daniel Smith, director of Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. "Raytheon has given leading technology, innovation and support in Taiwan for more than 40 years, and we feel honored to continue this partnership now and in the future."

Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Gold Bullion Investing is Very Popular

Investment in gold has been mostly done by those who want to protect their money from losses that might occur due to inflation and the facts proved, when high inflation then gold prices will rise higher than inflation, which occurred at that time. From the statistics I have seen that when inflation reached 11 percent, then gold will rise 14 percent. Suppose if the 22 percent inflation, then gold will rise 33 percent.

This is why you should consider investing in gold, and gold investing right now is still believed to be able to ward off inflation. The higher inflation is usually the value of your gold will get better and increase the value of this gold is directly proportional to the rate of inflation. However, worth noting that the price of gold will tend to a constant when the low inflation rate, even if it tends to slightly decrease the rate of inflation below two digits.

Gold investment is available in several options and it depends on your desire, investment gold coins or bullion, and it is very popular for long-term investment. When you invest in gold for the short term, usually it will be difficult to get a profit if gold jewelry because you have to pay the price of gold plus the cost of manufacture. Well, when you later sell it back, then the store would not want to pay the cost of manufacture of gold jewelry but only pay the price of gold alone.

Gold investment in my opinion good enough to protect our assets from inflation fluctuations. Gold coin is quite good when used as an investment, and whoever does not deny that gold coin was also easy for resale. In addition, gold coins or bars do not ask for it as well as the cost of gold jewelry. Therefore, if you want to invest gold, then there's nothing wrong you are considering investing in gold bullion.

In the year 2009 there has been an increase in gold prices is quite significant, and this proves that every year the price of gold always increases sharply.In the year 2009 there has been an increase in gold prices is quite significant, and this proves that every year the price of gold always increases sharply. The increase in world oil prices is another factor that could push the gold price increases. Well, gold investments are interesting for us to do, what you are interested in gold investment?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

IM can Increase Employee Efficiency

Online survey conducted for Microsoft's Windows Live 1400 respondents in Southeast Asia shows, 94 percent admitted using Instant Messenger (IM) for social communication, and 54 percent of them claimed to use it at work. IM is used by them to communicate with colleagues, gossiping, a date, infidelity, and even resigned from the job.

From the number of respondents who use IM at work, 44.3 percent spent between 10-30 percent of the time working for online, while more than 10 percent of respondents said that they used more than 80 percent of their work time to use Instant Messenger. When asked whether it makes them unproductive at work, 59.4 percent of them answered no.

Use of IM at work actually increase their productivity. So how important the IM is used for communication in the office? more than 37 percent said they use IM to communicate with colleagues, 12.1 percent of the clients, and nearly 10 percent with their leaders. Not only serves as a communication tool, 60.5 percent of users use IM to send documents, which add to the efficiency of employees.