Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why PageRank Drop

Every day I see and analyze going on my website and found in several other websites that go down into PageRank 0 (PR0). This not only happens on my website but but also occur on many websites around the world. To monitor this PageRank I use Google tools and widget bar that is installed on every website.

With this zero PageRank (PR0), automatically all backlink or external links that have to be reset and I think Google periodically conduct inspections back to update the site every PageRank. Before PageRank reset (PR0), My blog technology got PR2 and now lost all external links. This blog is not regularly updated every weeks, a zero PageRank (PR0) after I change the new template and My blog regularly build backlink. It may be because the keywords that are not popular and less traffic.

My friend's blog is also experiencing the same thing from PageRank 2 (PR2) also be PageRank 0 (PR0). This blog is never backlink with another website, but got PR2. PageRank is difficult to measure and understand that only google problem. PageRank algorithm with the many things to consider and I think not only build backlink but how important backlink and keywords that are used to increase traffic from search engine Google.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to Credit Repair

Currently, many people want to have something in want in a short time as a new house, new car, electronic equipment and others, but does not have enough money to do that. Money is the main problem is when we will be planning to buy anything you want, does not have any money in while the purchase of large quantities of it.

This problem never happens to me at the time will buy a new house, where there is money in savings not enough cash to pay for the purchase of the house. To overcome this problem I propose to do credit on the bank to pay for the purchase of the house is my desire, also increase the value of credit to fit the needs and in the end I get home after craving received credit approved by the bank.

Many people have a loan, but not by the amount of the desired or rejected by lender. To make a credit repair, we can refer to this company to help make credit submitted be approved with the desired amount and the time given in the fast. To improve the credit is not easy to do for us that is not experienced, but that can we get with the help of other parties who experienced in repair credit.

It is important to consider in the credit interest rate is and how long the credit provided by the lender. Before you do that all necessary credit repair information so that we are not wrong in doing that. The credit repair can be done at home through your computer network without having to leave home and I hope this is what you are looking to realize your dream. Good luck!!