Friday, September 27, 2013

Google Street View Cars Hit a Pedestrian

Google Street View cars taking photos in the Bogor-Indonesia reportedly struck a pedestrian. The Google car driver attempted to flee, but instead crashed into another vehicle that stopped. The incident, which occurred on Thursday (09/12/2013) at around 14:00 in the rural areas of Bogor, Indonesia.

"Unfortunately, Google Street View car collision at the border village even after trying to escape", seen in the photo, Google Street View cars were damaged in some parts.

Google Street View

The car just did not seem damaged by the collision, but allegedly also ransacked. This is evident from the damage to the car in the front and rear are quite severe.  Google Street View car broken-ravaged masses in Bogor Indonesia, Thursday (09/12/2013). Photo: mginanjar, members of the forum Kaskus.

Google Street View

Windshield cracked, dented front bumper looks to hang. Meanwhile, the rear glass is broken to pieces. Seen a number of people who were gathered around the car. There is no clear information about this incident, including the condition of the driver who was hit by a car and citizens.

What Causes Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest is an unexpected event and can quickly lead to death and the largest in the world. According to data from the American Heart Association (AHA) in 2002, every two minutes, there is one person who died from Sudden Cardiac arrest. In the United States alone, each year there are more than 250,000 deaths caused by sudden Cardiac arrest.

Causes of Sudden Cardiac arrest can be divided into two broadly namely coronary heart attack and cardiac arrest electrical rhythm. Coronary heart attacks occur up to 75 percent of cases of sudden Cardiac arrest.

Monitor cardiac arrest

Coronary heart attacks occur because there is a blockage in the blood vessels of the heart. Generally blockage occurs due to a buildup of plaque in blood vessels. Blockage will make the blood flow choked and can not flow through the heart. This is what makes the heart stop working.

"The heart does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients should be obtained from blood," cardiac arrest electrical rhythm disturbances caused by the heart's electrical rhythm. Cardiac arrest is much less than the prevalence of coronary heart disease and its causes were varied.

Cause of cardiac arrest can be caused by electric rhythm neurological dysfunction, brain, and some non-cardiac causes another. "On the electrical rhythm of cardiac arrest, cardiac anatomy good, but it can be stopped suddenly.

Qualcomm Processors for Mobile Devices

Qualcomm SnapdragonQualcomm is currently enjoying their heyday as a global market share of the processors used in mobile devices.Qualcomm, a native of San Diego, California, United States, focusing on the research and development of wireless networking technologies, including 3G and 4G. This kind of technology they invest in the series Snapdragon processor.

Vice President of Business Development Qualcomm, David Nesh said, Snapdragon is currently used by more than 1,000 mobile device models. "We reach out to all segments of the market, ranging from low-end to high-end,"

Snapdragon series of processors are also used by the upper class smart phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 (for the U.S. market), Sony Xperia Z, HTC, Nokia Lumia 920, up BlackBerry Z10.

David adds, the company provides a Snapdragon series 200, 400, 600, and 800. The product supports all operating systems such as Android, Windows Phone, Windows RT, Linux, Firefox OS, up to the BlackBerry. In addition, Qualcomm also offers a family unit of Adreno graphics processor, which include series 200, 205, 220, 225, 320, and 330.

System Recommendation Twitter

Twitter has announced a new recommendation system. This system originated from an experiment via @ MagicRecs account. It was raised Satuluti Venu, Sr. Software Engineer, Search and Relevance. According to Venu, he often feels nice to miss some tweets or just know when someone of interest has joined Twitter.

This new recommendation feature, he said, is expected to resolve such problems. "You will receive a personal recommendation when several people in your network follow the same user or mem-'favorites' or her 'retweet' tweet the same," said Venu.


This feature will be implemented in the Twitter app for Android and iPhone. Previously, the system was tested through the account @ MagicRecs. In that experiment, @ MagicRecs will send Direct Message (DM) to the Twitter users who follow your account download it. The DM contents are recommendations related to the user or tweets that are considered suitable by the follower.

While in practice, the recommendations will appear in the form of a notification or notice delivered Twitter app for Android and iOS. Surely, said Venu, this notification can be controlled by the user. Through the settings in the application, the "Recommendations" can be turned off or on.

Android Version 4.4 Kitkat

 The presence of Android version 4.4 or Kitkat was first announced in early September. Now, towards the end of the month, leakage, seepage face of Google's latest operating system that have begun to circulate.

Google images seen in implementing a number of changes to the phone dialer and messaging applications on the operating system. Changes in the phone dialer display includes a more flat design and light blue color scheme is brighter.

For messaging, the control panel Kanas moved to the corner of the screen, from which ever before on the bottom. Color of the status bar at the top of the row containing the notification and signal and battery are now apparently subject to change, depending on the application being run.

Android Kitkat

In addition to some of the views above, new functionalist not known what Google implemented in Android Kitkat. This operating system is rumored to be released in October, along with a smart phone Google Nexus 5, and tablet Nexus 10.

Shareholders Sure Can Buy BlackBerry

Prem Warsa
Fairfax Financial Holdings CEO Prem Watsa, convinced that he led consortium to find the loan money to buy a BlackBerry for $ 4.7 billion. "We will not put our name as the leader of the consortium if it does not feel confident will be able to afford it," said Prem Watsa.

In its offer, the consortium will acquire cash for all outstanding shares in the BlackBerry, but not including shares owned by Fairfax. Shareholders at 9 dollars in cash for each share they own.If BlackBerry approve this bid, the company was formed in 1984 will again be a private company and withdraw from the stock market. According Watsa, BlackBerry better perusaha private so that irrespective of the public attention.

"BlackBerry is one of Canada's great success stories," says Watsa. He realized now BlackBerry is in hard times, but they have confidence will succeed again. "We are putting this consortium together to make sure what will happen," he added. However, Prem Watsa reluctant to mention anyone or any company belonging to the consortium. He also did not answer questions about the loan guarantee fund Reuters.

Fairfax has a 10 percent stake in the BlackBerry, which also owns a majority stake. While Watsa, Warren Buffett is often referred to as the Canadian, because he was successful in investing. Bid from a consortium led by Fairfax has not reached the final. BlackBerry still given the opportunity to 4 November 2013 to think and negotiate with other parties to bid differently.

Another party that is rumored to be bidding against BlackBerry is Mike Lazaridis, who was none other than the founder and former CEO of BlackBerry. The New York Times reported, Lazaridis reached out to Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group to draw up the offer.

Apple Maps Mislead Driver to Landing Runway Airport

Airport runway , must be sterile from anything that could interfere with the process of taking off and landing of aircraft . You can imagine the consequences if there are motorists who stray into the airport and across the runway . But it was reported actually occurred at Fairbanks International Airport in Alaska , USA . The culprit was Apple Maps navigation software gives wrong directions so that the driver in question is misleading .

Instead of directing the driver to the airport parking lot , instead taxiway ( runway and court liaison aircraft ) intended . Motorists are confused then crossed the runway. In fact , that crossed the runway worn by riders stray Boeing 737 at the airport . Luckily, when he passed there was no plane that was trying to take off or landing .

Apple Maps

The BBC reported that the incident occurred on 6 September 2013 , and then repeated with the other driver involved in September 20 . Party had barricaded airport entry and contact Apple to immediately correct errors in the services .

" We asked them to turn off the guide that leads to Fairbanks . Better maps than just vacated happen again like this , " said the head of airport operations Fairbanks , Melissa Osborn . Apple then responded and states will do what is asked by Fairbanks . On 25 September last , Apple Maps is not willing to give directions to the airport .

Do not use common sense

Fairbanks airport assistant manager Angie Spear could not understand why the driver would've followed advice " inconsequential " Apple Maps without regard to common sense .

" They must insist once . Problem is , they have to go through the gate , then there are a lot of signs , lights , and warning markers along the way to reach 1 mile before reaching the runway, " said Spear .

" But yet they apparently do not care because it was following the directions on the iPhone , " she said again .

Since it was first introduced along with iOS 6 September last year , Apple Maps has drawn controversy because it contains errors . Before Fairbanks , has a lot of events because of the stray drivers follow the recommendation software .

In fact , the Australian police had issued a warning that Apple Maps " endanger lives " misled users following the six- person citizen 's in the middle of the desert due to road directions given Apple Maps.

CEO Tim Cook also had to apologize and advise users of Apple Maps switch using another application while it is trying to fix the map service .
Facebook finally provides a feature to 'Edit Post' on social networking pages each user. This feature is one of the most anticipated by Facebookers.

The latest update of the Facebook for Android app bring up a button to edit the post and comments, as well as showing the changes that have been made​​. But not all Android devices are able to enjoy this new feature.

Edit Post Facebook

Facebook confirmed the feature will be available in the Facebook app for Android and the web tomorrow. For a while this post edit feature is not yet available on the Facebook app on various Apple devices. Button to edit this post can be found on the top right corner in the form of an arrow pointing downwards.

This new feature is a feature that many criticized by previous users. According to the survey, not a few people who felt sorry after writing a post on Facebook. Moreover this post edit feature has long been available on competitors like Google+ social networking

China Block Facebook

Social networks like Facebook is known inaccessible in communist China. Latest news mentioning China again increased blocking Facebook site in some other areas.

Not just Facebook, a social networking such as Twitter and news sites that are sensitive to politics also affected by the Chinese government blocked this weekend. The addition of a blocked area to the rest of China, but there are some areas that are still able to access it.

China Facebook

The only region in the distance range of 17 miles from the center of Shanghai which is a free trade area. Moreover, do not expect to have free access to popular sites in the world.

Previously China has blocked Facebook and Twitter since mid-2009 after a conflict that killed many people in the Xinjiang region. While news sites The New York Times blocked after preaching about corruption in the government of one China.

Found Treasure Tube Steve Jobs

A large tube contains a variety of unique objects have been found in the area of ​​Aspen, United States. Inside the tube there is a relic of the late Steve Jobs.

Nine meter long tube with a diameter of half a meter wide is a tube that deliberately buried 30 years ago. Tube 'treasure' is the idea of the delegates present at the International Design Conference in Aspen in 1983.

Every delegate who came to contribute to providing a wide range of goods to be buried with his personal belongings other delegates. Not least the maestro technology, Steve Jobs, who also attended the conference. This tube is actually named Aspen Time Tube by the conference committee, but as Steve Jobs donate a mouse inside the tube, the team changed its name to Steve Jobs Time Capsule.

Treasure Steve Jobs

Not only mouse's Steve Jobs, in in vitro artifacts are also various other items wrapped in plastic. Such as notebooks, Kodak Instamatic camera, Rubik's, business cards delegates, even a pack of beer cans probably dedicated to the excavation team.

Actually, the excavation was going to do in the year 2000. But the team is plagued with loss of the exact location where the tubes were buried. "There are dozens of items wrapped in plastic in the tube. And I hope the delegates found the photo, but it's not," said George Wyant, one of the excavation team from National Geographic.

At the 1983 conference was Steve Jobs giving a speech about the future of the technology world. Jobs At that time recording his speech and gave a tape recorded speech for those who want. But until now the tape is lost somewhere. Jobs believed the speech talking about the advanced technologies of the future wireless networks, the iPad, and even the Apple App Store.

Apple Released iOS 7.0.2 Security Systems

Security system-owned mobile phone iPhone has been criticized because there is a bug that can be uprooted. Responding to these issues, Apple released iOS 7.0.2 to immediately fix existing bugs.

IOS operating system 7 new only one week launched by Apple, and now has released its latest version. This is done to remedy the problem as soon as possible.

iOS 7 Lock Screen

Apple says it has fix any bug that allows others to access the phone without typing a password. In addition, Apple also added a keyboard with Greek letters to write passcode.

Previously not a hacker who claimed to have hacked the iPhone security system, whether it's fingerprint or passcode, and criticized the weakness of the existing bug. There is even a contest that will give large amounts of money for someone who hacked iPhone security system.

Android Creator Journey

Android smart phone operating system is not strange in the ears of many people. But the name of Andy Rubin, who knew ? He is the figure behind the success of Android in the whole world Android creator .


New Bedford, June 22, 1946, the creator of Android was born into the world . Man who loves robots and so excited about the things related to the robot. One of the things that is the reason why Android is the epitome of a robot. In fact, he worked in the robotics section on the company Carl Zeiss AG, where he first worked after graduating from college .

Previous Andy stumbled in carrying out their work , before he worked at the company for Google. He built a company, and destroyed. Then create another new company with new ideas, and then broke again. Until finally he created a new innovation, which successfully ' sniff ' by Google for his future then recruited by corporate giants .

At first Andy has worked at Apple at the manufacturing company. It works under the leadership of CEO John Sculley in 1989, before Steve Jobs took over the leadership. But his career at Apple is not smooth when Andy moved to the research and work in a subsidiary of Apple, General Magic. Apple subsidiary that focuses on making software and produce Magic Cap. But unfortunately Magic Cap quiet enthusiasts and General Magic finally folded.

Andy Rubin

Former Apple employee and veteran then agreed to establish a new company named Artemis Research in 1995. Company focused on the development of television combined with the internet, and renamed MSN TV. The company was acquired by Microsoft, and Andy eventually left the company in 1999, rented a shop in Palo Alto, California, and satisfy their thirst for creating various kinds of robots .

Bored produce robots alone , Andy returned to open the company in 1999. This time the idea to develop a mobile device that have excess laiknya to access data on a company called Danger Inc. . Such as PDAs, but Andy says the device is not a PDA, but it's more than that . He called Sidekick. Until Microsoft bought his company and Andy once again came out in 2003.

In 2002 Andy was giving a guest lecture at a university of excellence Sidekick. During that time, the founders of Google, Lary Page and Sergey Brin, follow the lecture. Google officials approached Andy after the show and is very interested in the idea. And again Andy build a new company called Android Inc in 2003 to develop programs Sidekick. Android was bought up in 2005 by the giant Google. And that's when Android start a mobile-phone operating system worldwide.

Curiosity NASA Find Water on Mars

Within the first three months on Mars, NASA's Curiosity robot look unique diversity on the surface of Mars. Robots have examined soils and sediments along the route cruising the red planet.

After half a mile crawl Curiosity Mars in the early days after the landing, the robot wheels reportedly found on the red planet survive drying. Dust and fine soil had reportedly contains a small amount of water.

"We made this discovery is true with the first laser shot on the Red Planet," said Roger Wiens, ChemCam instrument team leader. He said, whenever Curiosity dust shot, the team then looked and saw a significant hydrogen.
Curiosity Robot

In some papers that reveal debut Curiosity on Mars, the Los Alamos researchers use ChemCam instrument on Curiosity to collaborate with international scientists, Chemin, APXS, and SAM instruments to describe the history of volcanic and water on Mars.

Researchers believe, hydrogen seen in the dust coming from the water. This hypothesis is strengthened by the SAM instrument Curiosity, which shows all found in the Martian soil contains between 1.5 to 3 percent water.

Curiosity rover to explore Mars is scheduled for one more year. Within a few months, Curiosity will travel to Mount Sharp, which is the peak towering to a height of nearly three miles.

Mount Sharp is believed to contain sediment layers that reveal the history of Mars billions of years ago. Scientists need information about Mount Sharp to uncover the history of the red planet's climate and geology.

Moto X Cheap Version of Motorola

Motorola apparently preparing a series of strategies to extend the reach of the company's newest flagship smartphone, the Moto X. The company plans to bring cheap versions to market prepaid Moto X United States (U.S.) and developing markets, the next few months.

Consumers are sensitive to price are considered not to be interested at a price of USD199 with a two-year contract. Therefore, Motorola will bring cheap versions Moto X. This plan is directly expressed by Chie Executive Officer (CEO) Motorola Mobility Dennis Woodside, Moto X at a launch event in New York.

Motorola Moto X

Cheap version of Moto X will be designed to attract consumers and sold internationally, where most people do not buy a subsidized device, as well as prepaid wireless market in the U.S., which usually pay the price directly. "We want everyone to have access to affordable smartphone," said Woodside, as quoted from Cnet, on Friday (02/08/2013).

Woodside said, consumers in emerging markets tend to be price sensitive. What's more, wireless carriers typically do not offer subsidized devices. "I want Motorola to offer cutting edge technology at affordable prices, so that consumers who sensitf the price does not have to choose between spending a lot of money for a device or buy old device with obsolete technology," he explained.

Unfortunately Woodside reluctant to specify whether the superior features Moto X will also be owned by the cheap versions of these devices. He said, Moto X is only one of a series of new devices that will be launched under the brand Moto X in the coming weeks.

"Moto X is a brand that is so we focus now. And there will be more coming. Additional products you will see in a few months," said Wood.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Motorola's New Office Near The Office BlackBerry

Who would have thought if Google employees exercising ice hockey . Only a few days after the BlackBerry ' vent ' about the misfortune that kept enveloped , Google announced that it has opened a new office in Waterloo , Canada .

As is known, the central dense clouds infest BlackBerry . Companies should bear the loss of up to USD 1 billion , laying off 4,500 employees , out of stock , and a cancellation showing off its financial statements .

Well , a new company established not far from the BlackBerry was officially annexed to the Motorola Google in August 2011 . Yes , Google is increasingly strengthening its foothold in the land of the ice Smithers after previously connected the old building with a fireman's pole that hung from the top floor down to taking care of Google Maps , Gmail , Chromebooks , and Google Calendar.

Motorola Office

Motorola 's new office will be located just inside the BlackBerry . According to the Financial Post , it only takes about 10 minutes distance of the new office is a short walk from the palace belongs to the BlackBerry .

This probably is not a coincidence . Could be the engineer who built the offices there deliberately chose locations considering the number of employees laid off by BlackBerry in order to cut expenses.

Well , Google likely wants to ' hijack ' the employees who had been sacked BlackBerry to work in his place . In addition, the city itself is stunning Waterloo increasingly be an attraction search engine giant to build a house there . How not , in the city of 500 startup born in 2012 .

" Waterloo and proliferation startup there is no escape from the presence of Research In Motion ( RIM ) - now renamed BlackBerry - , " said President and CEO of the Ontario Capital Growth Corporation John Marshall .

Obviously, if I see a lot of hidden talents and gifts to people in Waterloo who could potentially be recruited to produce something new in the future . Will this be another terror for BlackBerry ?