Friday, September 27, 2013

Found Treasure Tube Steve Jobs

A large tube contains a variety of unique objects have been found in the area of ​​Aspen, United States. Inside the tube there is a relic of the late Steve Jobs.

Nine meter long tube with a diameter of half a meter wide is a tube that deliberately buried 30 years ago. Tube 'treasure' is the idea of the delegates present at the International Design Conference in Aspen in 1983.

Every delegate who came to contribute to providing a wide range of goods to be buried with his personal belongings other delegates. Not least the maestro technology, Steve Jobs, who also attended the conference. This tube is actually named Aspen Time Tube by the conference committee, but as Steve Jobs donate a mouse inside the tube, the team changed its name to Steve Jobs Time Capsule.

Treasure Steve Jobs

Not only mouse's Steve Jobs, in in vitro artifacts are also various other items wrapped in plastic. Such as notebooks, Kodak Instamatic camera, Rubik's, business cards delegates, even a pack of beer cans probably dedicated to the excavation team.

Actually, the excavation was going to do in the year 2000. But the team is plagued with loss of the exact location where the tubes were buried. "There are dozens of items wrapped in plastic in the tube. And I hope the delegates found the photo, but it's not," said George Wyant, one of the excavation team from National Geographic.

At the 1983 conference was Steve Jobs giving a speech about the future of the technology world. Jobs At that time recording his speech and gave a tape recorded speech for those who want. But until now the tape is lost somewhere. Jobs believed the speech talking about the advanced technologies of the future wireless networks, the iPad, and even the Apple App Store.

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