Saturday, March 12, 2011

Virgin Atlantic 450 New Jobs

British airline, Virgin Atlantic announced it would open 450 new jobs, including 50 new pilots. This was done because the company is in a period of recovery. Virgin Atlantic said the launch of new routes in the spring between Manchester and Las Vegas. As well as for additional London and departure to the Caribbean and Ghana with Airbus A330 fleet. Where this requires the employment of crew members about 350 people.

Operations Director of Virgin Atlantic, Corneel Koster said, this recovery in the year they hope to expand the network and open a new fleet. "We hope in this recovery can open new job opportunities, and welcome to our new fleet," said Corneel Koster. For information, Virgin Atlantic's 51 percent owned by British tycoon Richard Branson and 49 percent owned by Singapore Airlines.

Lamborghini Aventador Produced Limited

Lamborghini Aventador produced within the period of one year has sold out. The plan car will be immediately sent to the owners in the second half of this year. Lamborghini Aventador will be positioned more exclusive than the Murcielago. Hence, production-engined V12 supercar will be limited to a maximum of 4.000 units, despite high demand.

In addition, the reasons for making Aventador limited number because of the mold carbon fiber is used to print a monocoque car chassis can only be used 500 times, after which it must be replaced. The Italian manufacturer is only able to replace print as many as eight times only the chassis, making it clear intention Lamborghini to produce only 4.000 units.

Aventador using 6.500 cc V12 engine, which can reach 619 bhp power, and is equipped with four-wheel-drive that can run up to 62 mph from rest in just 2,9 seconds with top speeds reaching 217 mph. Supercar that only in this limited production will be equipped with the most important component of the tub and roof, plus an improved security system for the driver and passengers safer.

Fiat 500 with 1400 cc Engine

Not satisfied with the exhibition Geneva Motor Show 2011 in Austria, Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT) will soon be marketing their products in the United States. This time with a Fiat 500 planned new product displays at Luther Automotive Group, which opened in early April in Brooklyn Park, USA.

Fiat 500 1.400 cc engine with four-cylinder equipped MultiAir, so that fuel can spout an average of 38 mpg (6.21 / 100 km). For transmission, the Fiat 500 is available with manual transmission 5-speed automatic transmission and immediately followed by a 6-speed acceleration.

Features are added to the Fiat 500 is ecoDrive application, which can analyze the driving force to identify ways to save money and reduce carbon emissions. "At 38 miles per gallon, this car is very energy efficient and ecoDrive is a very innovative feature that tells drivers what they can do to save energy and improve overall driving experience," explains Luther Automotive Group, Doreen Fischer.

For looks, the Fiat 500 will provide 14 colors with three classes of Pop, Sports and Lounge, and 9 exterior decal options and 2 wheel options. In addition, Fiat 500 added roof with a very delicate cargo. "In addition to an amazing price and stylish Italian design, the best thing is that the Fiat 500 will be a car with the most fuel efficient on the market," said Doreen.

Games Affect Child Psychology?

Games that contain elements of violence proved not affect the child's negative behavior. Research in Canada shows, playing games does not cause long-term effects on emotional memory. The rise of computer games that contain various forms of violence causing anxiety for parents. The argument is usually uttered these games can make children tend to become like the violence and in the end it's the children who commit violence against the environment.

But recently a new study says otherwise. The researchers revealed, the game filled with violence is not actually a long-term effects for a person's behavior, especially for a long time. As a result, people who like to play the game will erase the negative image of violence seen in tests of memory and emotional reactions out at same level, as well as performed on people who do not like playing games.

"People who love to play games and what not, not much different from the contents of memory and physical reactions, in addition, there were no differences also in the way each group faced a thing after seeing negative images of violence" said Holly Bowen, a doctoral candidate in Department of Psychology, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

However, testing has been done to the lovers of the game as soon as they play games, and the result does not reflect the long-term effects. To assess whether game violence affects a person's brain in the long term, Julia Spaniol, recruited 122 undergraduate psychology students to participate in their studies.

"Memory-related emotions is a very important part of your cognitive functions. If you do not mind going negative or dangerous situation, you can not learn from this and avoid such incidents in the future, "said Bowen. A total of 96 of the study volunteers were female and their average age 19 years. Meanwhile, 45 people in the group are at least playing the game for six months earlier. While the remaining 77 people did not get the exposure of violent games.

Both male and female participants were asked to play the game Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, and National Hockey League (NHL). The men reportedly entered the five highest scoring games of Call of Dutydan Tekken fighting. While the participants were women prefer to play Guitar Hero and Rock Band or play racing go-kart riding Mario Kart. This study shows 150 images, which is positive, neutral, and negative to the participants.

One hour after playing, the researchers showed the participants yet another picture, but were randomly assigned as the image confidence man. If the brain PC gamers have been influenced by the game, the researchers theorized that they should be less able to remove or recall the picture of the violence. However, the researchers found no difference in memory recall between the two groups.

And, the gamers and non-gamers reported similar levels of physical stimulation from the image depicted and shows the same feeling when looking at a photograph. However, Bowen explained, this study can not definitely assert that violent games do not affect people to violence.

In the study did not give a piece of the puzzle, and perhaps, play games do not have long-term effects on cognition and memory processes. The researchers noted, however, the volunteers only explain their passion to a picture of violence is not monitored heart rate and other physiological responses, and further research is still needed.

"The premise of this study is that we think people who are exposed to games that show violence may be sensitive to violence, and if that happened, they should not be considering a number of disorders and violent images are just as much," said Tracy Dennis, a professor of psychology at Hunter College of the City University of New York, United States.

Shoe Model to Determine the Character of the User

The selection model of shoe that is usually used to describe the nature, attitude, and character of a person. French psychologist who has conducted research has revealed the relationship between female characters and the shoes they wear. Have found an interesting fact, that the women who love high-heeled shoes like the center of attention. They want to always feel beautiful and in need of recognition to it. With high-heeled shoes, women want to be in higher positions because of their low self-esteem.

High heel shoes are also worn by women tend to challenge, show anger, and have a side full of passionate sexuality. Shoes sandals worn by the women most likely to be confident, and energetic who can enjoy their attractiveness, acquaintance with ease, and natural. Choosing low-heeled shoes is characteristic of a woman who is very soft, flexible, and relaxed. Women tend to be compromise and very pleasant to talk to him.

But high-heeled shoe wedges, according to psychologists, of course worn by a woman is confident, assertive, and able to defend his point of view, although at certain times rather unexpected. Practical and romantic people prefer to wear flat shoes. Psychologists claim that the woman has a direct attitude and always wanted to succeed in any way. Low-heeled shoe, most likely will be worn by girls who know what they want from life, but prone to depression, and fatigue.

Without the right shoes worn by women is cerminanan an open heart, they are easy to come when contacted to meet with someone, but feel somewhat conservative, and not always ready to accept the changes. Then, shoe model that describes what your character is beautiful, interesting and dynamic?

Friday, March 11, 2011

40% of Sites in England were Not Visited

A recent survey conducted showed that 40 percent of sites in England were not visited at all by the user. The study shows that some internet sites in the UK failed to attract users from both online advertising as well as from a free listing on Google and other search engines. The survey reveals that 91 percent of the company's business in the UK failed to make advertising pay-per-click on the internet.

A survey conducted by ClickScene, found that 10 thousand of websites registered in the UK, only 9 percent who used ppc advertising, like Google AdWords.  Surprisingly, 40 percent of these sites are not being visited at all, whether it be through advertising or ppc search results from search engines. This indicates that the patrons may be family and friends of the site builder.

"The Internet has become popular for over 10 years and now people use it as part of their lives," said Andrew Willis, Managing Director of ClickScene.  "But in business, not necessarily beneficial, there are about one million new domains registered in the UK in 2010. But if there is no change to this problem, many sites would be empty of visitors in the future," said Andrew.

ClickScene recently has developed a free service that checks the website content and examine how they operate. The new service is said to create an attractive site visitors and prospective customers.  There are about 10 thousand sites officially registered in the UK which is checked by the service between February 21 and March 3, 2011.

Each site is checked based on the results of the 40 million keywords and phrases. 9100 site does not appear in the advertisement of a pay-per-click, 4047 site does not get visitors from search listings and search engine sites do not appear in the 4002 advertising pay-per-click and do not receive visits from search engine listings.

Ghost Sites Cleaned up by Google

Google realizes many unwanted sites exist (ghost) in the search engine. They also started to clean it up. "Now there will be a way to find sites that you really want in the Google search results, that is by blocking sites that do not want to see," says the Google staff who dealt with the quality of search results, Amay Champaneria and Beverly Yang.

According to the explanation of both the staff of Google, the internet users who use search engines have the option to tell Google which sites do not want to appear on a subsequent search. "Maybe the results will not always correct but sometimes do not taste like it comes from a common, either because the site is considered too offensive, pornographic, or have poor quality," said Amay.

"For the time being we allow you to make certain domain block from the search results in the future," added Beverly. Therefore, Google has added a button 'block' to the options listed with links of search results. Blocked Domains is associated with a Google account user. The next search will produce sites that do not want to display a message indicating they had been blocked.

"We added this feature because we believe in giving you control over the results you find will provide a more personalized experience and fun at Google, 'says the Google staff.

Use Google to Person Finder from Japan Earthquake

Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Google immediately launched a webpage to help people find their friends and relatives. Person Finder service is available in English and Japanese. Users can request information about their relatives and friends, or posting the information they have about the existence of a person.

The developers can embed the application using the code on this page. Person Finder has been noted that over 5.000 records In addition, Google also has set up crisis response page in order to help people find information.

An earthquake with a strength of 8.9 on the Richter scale rocked Japan on at 14:26 local time with a depth of 10 km, about 125 km off the east coast.In addition to a tsunami as high as 6 to 10 meters, the earthquake also resulted in the burning of oil refineries in the region of Honshu.

e-Print Technology Using Cloud Printing

By leveraging the cloud infrastructure, ePrint helps users to manage content and printing easy, fast and secure, by sending an e-mail documents, pictures or photos directly to a printer HP ePrint via the Internet, free from having to install drivers. ePrint technology works from the device like any smart phone, laptop, or tablet, which uses email. HP LaserJet devices increasingly gain a place in the market, especially consumers, businesses and institutions of government is increasingly aware of the long-term benefits from HP LaserJet printers.

Some HP printers with technology ePrint:

- HP Color LaserJet CP5520 Printer Enterprise, this printer capable of printing all business documents, ranging from postcards, to presentations and posters, in a device that is easily operated with a very large paper capacity.

- HP LaserJet CP1525n and CP1525nw Pro, an HP LaserJet printer color-capable e-Print with a quick and easy installation. Printing with the best print quality.

- HP LaserJet MFP M1536dnf Pro, the most compact multifunction printer with affordable technology with features ePrint, duplexing and fax lock-ups. Instant-on Technology which environmentally friendly with reduces 50% energy consumption.

- HP Color LaserJet CP Pro 1025/CP1025nw, affordable color laser printers for home and SME business. One of the smallest color laser printers and most energy efficient in the world.

- HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fn and CM141fnw Color LaserJet MFP is HP's first multifunction printer that can print via the web or interface 3.5-inch touch screen. The online system makes the process of printing and toner replacement a breeze. USB ports in front enable print PDF documents and JPEG, or scan directly via USB flash drive.

- HP Color LaserJet CM4540 MFP Enterprise Printer, MFP to print from anywhere with ePrint enabled in order to remain productive. This printer will meet the needs of workgroup color and mono printing high-quality, copy, scan, and fax.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

3D TV LED Thin and Energy Efficient

CRT television market began to be abandoned. Television Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) got so popular. But there is one technology that deserves you the lyrics, the Light Emitting Diode (LED). Why? One reason surely is a matter of electric power consumption is much more efficient. LCD TV is more efficient than the television Chatode Ray Tube (CRT), and more efficient LED TVs are adopting more than LCD technology.

Recognizing the trend of LED technology into the future, Toshiba continues to innovate on their product lines on this one. Not only are more and save electric power, but also pay attention to design and phones to be thin so that the beautiful views. Related to the design, manufacturer country of origin of the Rising Sun is holding Jacob Jensen Design, one of Europe's leading designers of electronic products for advanced classes.

The result is an elegant WL700 series was born with a minimalist theme of glass and metal materials. Phones to be thin only 29 mm and a display that almost without bezel / frame. WL700 Series is available in two sizes, 55 inches and 46 inches. Features full High Defition (HD) produces very high contrast images with Edge LED lighting system. TV is also equipped with technology that allows for viewing 2D and 3D. He added, supported the chip typically MetaBrain Premium Toshiba, WL700 series has excellent features Resolution which uses complex algorithms to improve image quality standards to be drawing a close to HD quality for 2D or 3D format.

Edge LED backlight panel illumination levels produce dynamic contrast enhancement technology 7.000.000:1 and movement up to 200Hz. ClearScan 200 Pro allows WL700 series to make the picture bright, clean and free of movement blur. This television also features an integrated sub-woofer that produces natural sounds and vibrant with the power of 10 watts, although the thinness of the device is only 29 mm. There are four main design excellence in this WL700 series, namely his frame into a single surface with a TV screen (invisible frame), which makes the TV look standTV light and float (floating stand), the TV button soft touch, and glossy chrome ornaments are very elegant, sleek metal. The concept of collaboration Toshiba Jacob Jensen Design.

Brand owner is to assess design integrates technology and design strategies that made the Toshiba is a good step to win the hearts of consumers. This TV series has two USB terminal that supports a more diverse choice of formats, including HD DivX, JPEG, and MP3. HDMI port also supports the reception of data from the outside, an additional feature that allows the option to make an interface to the network within a home. That need to be a record, the facilities have not had antivirus protection.

WL700 series designed to help save electricity energy usage. Auto View feature to monitor the level of room lighting and then allows the TV to adjust the level of light they produce along with other image parameters simultaneously. While auto embedded signal booster to help improve the sensitivity of the receiving TV signals or Radio Frequency (RF) is weak.

Not only Toshiba who are interested in the LED market. Sharp Sharp is also demikian.Tahun target LED could provide 15 percent portion of the LCD which is capable of temporarily sold up to 24.000 units / month. One of the reliable LED products LED Aquos Sharp is Quattron. This product was applied four-color filter technology, which is yellow, red, green, and blue are able to produce natural colors such as yellow gold, blue sea, and sky blue.