Friday, April 1, 2011

New Species of Fish Pari Pancake

Scientists say they have discovered two new species of stingrays in the Amazon rainforest and call it a fish Pari Pancake. The nickname was taken because of its shape resembling a pancake. Fish is also a new type of rays that are found within the last 20 years in the Amazon, "says Nathan Lovejoy from the University of Toronto and Marcelo Rodrigues de Carvalho from the University of Sao Paolo.

The new species discovered by scientists is called Heliotrygon Gomesi and Heliotrygon Rosai. In addition to the pancake-like shape, the two new species of stingrays are bulky and have spines on their tails.

Most of these specimens come from areas Rio Nanay, near lquitos, Peru. The findings also add to the number of species of stingrays in tropical regions such as Mexico, West Indies and Central America. "The most important of this invention is to notice that there are many fish in the Amazon that have not been investigated and found," says Nathan Lovejoy.

Oil Companies Discovered Fossil Ankylosaurus

An oil company workers in Canada were surprised to find dinosaur fossils in northern Alberta. In fact, hundreds of years ago, the area is covered by water. "We never found dinosaur fossils in this location. Therefore, this area originally is the sea. Most of us have encountered was invertebrate species such as clams and ammonite," said curator of Alberta's Royal Tyrell Museum of Donald Henderson.

Fossils found in it a kind of Ankylosaurus, namely plant-eating dinosaur with a strong leg and a tail like a wooden bat. Ankylosaurus was thought to have found a length of 5 meters wide and 2 meters. "Simply amazing because the fossil is still in good condition. It is also a complete dinosaur fossil was first owned by the province," said Donald.

A worker found the fossil itusaat Suncor Energy itself was clean soil before work. He immediately stopped his work and providing opportunities for scientists to move the bone, and sends it to the Royal Tyrell Museum. Last important fossils found in northern Alberta is the giant reptiles called ichthyosaurs. The fossil was found near Fort McMurray, 10 years ago.

New Animal Species Found In The Sea

Scientists from Florida said that they had discovered a new animal species in the Gulf of Mexico, the United States. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced that they had found Chromodoris Fentoni, a type of sea snail without a shell is commonly referred to as'nudibranch'.

Biologists find these animals after a fisherman donated specimens from the Gulf of Tarpon Springs to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg in 2009. Sea slug 'nudibranch' have gills and have no shell.

Sample findings Fentoni Chromodoris directly sent to the California State Polytechnic University, where verification of these animals ever documented. A curator of the Wildlife Research Institute says it's very difficult to find a species new to science.

Smartphones Used For Shopping

Based on the latest survey from BIO Agency, one of five in the UK smart phone owners use applications on their handsets to shop. BIO Agency claims, UK residents spend around 581 million pounds each year for spending by using the application, in which each owner smartphone is expected to spend up to 30 pounds every month.

"People want the comfort and convenience when shopping. You probably can not go to the store or have access to a computer. But you must hold the phone," said managing director of BIO Agency, Peter Veash. "By using the application, users also can compare prices easily. They can shop at stores A and in an instant price check at the store B," said Peter Veash. Further, BIO Agency explained, the goods of the most widely purchased through smartphone applications are groceries, DVDs, cinema tickets and train tickets.

Gmail Uses Gestures

Google shows a new feature to its Gmail service. Now, Gmail users can send email by using a webcam and demonstrate the words you want to use. Gmail feature titled Motion was introduced to Google's product manager Paul McDonald through videos that can be witnessed on Gmail's official website. In the video, Paul revealed his enthusiasm for successful email delivery revolutionized.

According to Paul, the more rapid development of technology that is currently not in line with the way people send email because they still rely on "technology of the past" such as a keyboard and mouse. Google was looking for ways to change the way email delivery using body language.Sounds weird? Of course, since this is Google's way of celebrating April Fools. When accessing Gmail Motion contained on the Gmail site, you will find the words "April Fools'! Gmail Motion was not there. At least not yet ... Okay, now you can log into Gmail, or close this stupid box."