Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Efficient Companies with ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that was applied in a single software module course will provide great benefits to make it easy for anyone in organizing and running large-scale business. ERP application software makes it easy to monitor all transactions or operational routines in the management of corporate resources such as the finance department, human resources, the timing of distribution of goods, receiving goods, orders and so forth.

ERP integration in a manufacturing industry has provided many benefits in financial management efiesien, save operational costs by setting the engine maintenance schedule with the provision of spare parts to avoid production losses due to machine faults. With our ERP system to calculate and estimate the number of orders that can be produced with all the limitations of available human resources.

ERP System Implementation optimally will certainly help us to calculate the needs of whatever is needed when going to production such as human resources, material, financial, and so forth. ERP system will clarify in detail the process to be carried out in an industry, determine how the optimal loading and transport in accordance with customer demand. In this process, of course, all aspects related to finance will be recorded in the ERP system is included to calculate how much the cost of production is needed to achieve the planned target.

To benefit from the ERP system, then the industry should follow 'best practice process' applies to the work process adjustments required by the ERP system or ERP system otherwise designed to adjust the process that has been done previously. ERP Implementation Process mutli function certainly not easy and required analysis to make the selection of the ERP is best suited to the needs of enterprise, and support the unique business processes and accommodate all the needs of the company.

ERP systems are urgently needed to manage the business in enterprise or industry in an efficient and productive. Technology Adoption and ERP can be done in stages based on basic needs and the ability of the company, including budget and human resource capacity available in the company. Technology software for ERP course vary, and you can select it according to business needs and ease of implementation in your company infrastructure.

By using ERP technology then you can integrate all the functions of a department within your company and can be monitored through a computerized system and served with a system to minimize costs by a controlled process efficiency. ERP combines all the resources at the company to be integrated in the software that runs on a single database that will allow various departments to share information and communicate to achieve the target company that is more precise and efficient.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Why Headache using 3D Glasses

3D glasses are often users complain of pain in the head. Quite often the use of 3D glasses to make the user feel nauseous. What cause?  Eindhoven University, The Netherlands found that the main cause of pain is the distance between the user's glasses with the screen.

3D TV can create disorientation in the brain, causing eye strain, headaches, nausea and pain. The researchers said 20 percent of viewers could be stricken with the disease when using 3D glasses. In one experiment, researchers at Eindhoven University in the Netherlands to ask 39 people who could see the 3D to read some text on the screen from a distance ranging from 10 meters to the nearest distance is divided into several groups.

As a result some groups suffer from symptoms that can lead to nausea, including double vision and eye strain. However, viewers do not need to worry, because the 3D effects still needs to be proven by further studies. In addition, a number of electronics companies, like Toshiba also started to issue a 3D TV products that can be viewed without using special glasses. TV is on sale in Japan, the end of December.

Google Identification for the Site was Hijacked

Google has launched a new service that can notify users in search results if the site they will visit has been hijacked. This capability, which displays a warning that read 'This site May be compromised' quite different from Google's malware detection system that already exists. Previously, Google's detection system only gives a warning "This site May harm your computer ', if a site contains malware detected.

According to Google, this new service seeks to identify sites that have been hijacked by hackers. Google also said that the motives of the hackers is to take personal information of users or users who put spam links can be used to improve search results of the hacker's site, a tactic known as 'black hat' search engine optimization (SEO).

Maxim Weinstein, executive director of the StopBadware, warns that despite the new features that terbajak not open the site but there is still a possibility of failure will always be there. "The new features are identified the same basic mechanism of how a person may insert malware into a website," said Weinstein "The fundamental problem the Internet security problems can only lead one to the other problems,"

Weinstein added that this service helps the web browser is also the owner of the website. Google asks its users who, when seeing a warning notice to the webmaster, to immediately repair the damage.

Chinese Hackers attacked Germany

A series of cyber attacks on German government computers has increased dramatically in 2010, and authorities suspect the hackers government of China is a responsible party behind the attacks. From January to September of 2010, calculated there were about 1,600 attacks on government computers. This figure doubled from the number 900 that in nine months commencing early 2009.

Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), which has responsibility for domestic intelligence, believes that there is an increase in such cases. "cyberspace spy trying to access economic data, military, and politics. The workers from the Chinese government is the perpetrator behind a series of attacks," said a spokesman from the BfV.

"The Chinese hackers send emails with attachments, which when opened, will automatically install a spyware program on your computer and Germany will make a connection to connect with China, so the data can be transferred," the spokesman added. The attacks made the German Interior Ministry is planning to launch a counterattack.

"We need a national cyber defense that oversees and aims to secure our internet, under the control of the Ministry of Interior," said Thomas de Maizière, German Interior Minister, recently. De Maizière plans to create a cyber defense center for Germany this year. The government worried that the hackers in the future may not only receive information, but also will attack the critical systems like power centers, and other critical facilities.

Delayed the Launch of Google TV

Several weeks before the event exhibition Consumer Electronics Show (CES), on January 6, 2011 in Las Vegas, Google reportedly canceled to show off his product Google TV. Google has requested that the television companies who want to integrate with the service to suspend their plans. Initially, it is expected at CES next month, Google will display the Google TV, which also includes products from Sony and Logitech.

Google TV that previously expected to bring major changes toin television industry ,even experienced setbacks . Several broadcasting companies in the U.S. including News Corp's Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC have blocked all access all the episodes of their television shows through Google TV Web browser, with a network that require payment to download the program stream content from their website.  For the incident, Google has asked companies including Toshiba, LG Electronics and Sharp to delay the introduction of the Google TV until Google could enhance the algorithm.

On December 15, Google has announced, fixes a bug in its components, it has made significant development on that platform. Google has already partnered with Netflix to upgrade the application so that users can search, browse and watch a movie or a show that is in the Netflix catalog. Then, with DualView, Google has also added TV customization so that the audience be able to resize and move the window all they want. There is also a Google TV Remote application on the Android Market.

Dangerous Trap of Shortening URLs

One of the advantages of the most popular in Twitter is information that can be disseminated very quickly. Unfortunately, this situation is misused by cyber criminals. According to security firm Symantec, they just check the Twitter main page for the topic that is becoming a trend, which shows a message that has several times announced. Attackers choose one of the tweets that contains a short URL, which is replaced with a another short URLs, which point to a malicious website.

Because the text in the message is the same, users do not know that the new short URL to point to a malicious website, not to the original news. Therefore some links will follow wherever it leads, and this can not be avoided.  Although not impossible, it is difficult to say whether a post is genuine or not just by looking. The user may want to install the browser which leads to a short URL.

Nevertheless, it is very difficult to identify a malicious link, because of frequent a website legitimate hijacked and transformed into host drive-by download attacks. Therefore, it is a good idea if you patched computers and software - including its browser and has installed security software, so do not become victims of drive-by download attacks. Twitter also says that they are working actively on other features that they believe will enhance the safety and security of users.

Cheating Malaysia at Bukit Jalil Stadium

Indonesian national team in protest
The defeat of the Indonesian national team from Malaysia is still disputed PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid. He said the fraud has been seen since the beginning.  This was disclosed Nurdin when monitoring exercise Garuda Team in Field C, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday, December 27, 2010. Indications of fraud'' has been around since the beginning. From the first came we were made to wait long enough, "said Nurdin.

Not only that, Nurdin also said Malaysia was also sprinkled powder on the ground when the final round against Indonesia in the first leg of AFF Cup 2010 at the Bukit Jalil Stadium on Sunday, December 26, 2010.

"They sow something in the wicket, a kind of powder. I've talked to our medical team, powder was allegedly made the players feel the itching, even the body of markus horizon until the swelling.  The peak at the time of the match. They use a laser beam to disturb the concentration of players. Moreover, when the game stopped there in throwing firecrackers onto the field and nearly about Okto." explained Nurdin.

According to Nurdin, PSSI has protested to the AFF on fraudulent acts from Malaysia. We've had protested both directly and in writing. "Tomorrow will also be meeting with the council and we've scheduled the matter. It may not affect the outcome of the game, but at least could be a stern warning to Malaysia, "he said.