Monday, December 27, 2010

Chinese Hackers attacked Germany

A series of cyber attacks on German government computers has increased dramatically in 2010, and authorities suspect the hackers government of China is a responsible party behind the attacks. From January to September of 2010, calculated there were about 1,600 attacks on government computers. This figure doubled from the number 900 that in nine months commencing early 2009.

Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), which has responsibility for domestic intelligence, believes that there is an increase in such cases. "cyberspace spy trying to access economic data, military, and politics. The workers from the Chinese government is the perpetrator behind a series of attacks," said a spokesman from the BfV.

"The Chinese hackers send emails with attachments, which when opened, will automatically install a spyware program on your computer and Germany will make a connection to connect with China, so the data can be transferred," the spokesman added. The attacks made the German Interior Ministry is planning to launch a counterattack.

"We need a national cyber defense that oversees and aims to secure our internet, under the control of the Ministry of Interior," said Thomas de Maizière, German Interior Minister, recently. De Maizière plans to create a cyber defense center for Germany this year. The government worried that the hackers in the future may not only receive information, but also will attack the critical systems like power centers, and other critical facilities.

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