Monday, December 27, 2010

Delayed the Launch of Google TV

Several weeks before the event exhibition Consumer Electronics Show (CES), on January 6, 2011 in Las Vegas, Google reportedly canceled to show off his product Google TV. Google has requested that the television companies who want to integrate with the service to suspend their plans. Initially, it is expected at CES next month, Google will display the Google TV, which also includes products from Sony and Logitech.

Google TV that previously expected to bring major changes toin television industry ,even experienced setbacks . Several broadcasting companies in the U.S. including News Corp's Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC have blocked all access all the episodes of their television shows through Google TV Web browser, with a network that require payment to download the program stream content from their website.  For the incident, Google has asked companies including Toshiba, LG Electronics and Sharp to delay the introduction of the Google TV until Google could enhance the algorithm.

On December 15, Google has announced, fixes a bug in its components, it has made significant development on that platform. Google has already partnered with Netflix to upgrade the application so that users can search, browse and watch a movie or a show that is in the Netflix catalog. Then, with DualView, Google has also added TV customization so that the audience be able to resize and move the window all they want. There is also a Google TV Remote application on the Android Market.

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