Saturday, May 22, 2010

Microsoft Security Essentials Real Time to Full Protection

Increases performance by optimizing the Operating System is necessary for us to do. Recently, Microsoft offered to users of their products using the Microsoft Security Essentials are provided free. This Antivirus program promising performance of the operating system becomes more optimized, faster and lighter to use.

To install the Microsoft Security Essentials, Operating System you must use genuine Microsoft Operating System product. Before you install Microsoft Security Essentials should discard any of the Antivirus on your computer to avoid the crash so that the Microsoft Security Essentials will run optimally in your Operating System for scan Viruses or Spyware, and other malicious software.

For those of you who use Microsoft's Operating System should consider using Microsoft Security Essentials for protecting your computer from Viruses or Spyware, and other malicious software. I think only Microsoft Security Essentials is understood to keep their Operating System from Virus attacks, Spyware, and other malicious software. Microsoft Security Essentials for sure is lighter because of smaller file size when compared with other Antivirus programs.

Microsoft Security Essentials in real time to full protection for your computer. For those of you who want to use the Microsoft Security Essentials download at, immediately replace Antivirus with the Microsoft Security Essentials to improve and optimize your performance when using a Microsoft Operating System.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Google TV will be Launched in the Year 2010

Google is headquartered in Mountain View, California, United States, officially announced the Google TV, the latest breakthrough that will bring the overall Internet experience on a television screen. "This will open up access to your TV from only a few channels to millions of channels of entertainment on TV and the web," said Salahuddin Choudhary, Product Manager for Google TV. Certainty the existence of Google TV was announced simultaneously with the activities the Google I / O in San Francisco, which is an annual event the meeting of the Google application developers.

For the success of this project, Google took the Sony and Logitech. Google TV first product package, including supporting devices, such as Blu-ray players and set top box, will be available from autumn or between July to September this year. Google TV is built on a platform based on open source, ie, Android and Chrome. Thus, features open the possibility to be developed in the future, additional applications, and other web based services.

Inside Chrome already equipped browser to access websites including search service to search for video, TV channel, and other interactive content. Google TV Google plans to release a Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API). Applications for Google TV will be collected in the Android Market. Currently Android and Chrome programmers can optimize their application for TV service with new tools that have been released by Google.

Cancellation Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

A cartoonist from Seattle, United States, named Molly Norris, who initiated the contest to draw cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, he now apologize to Muslims. This was done after holding a contest on Facebook who has provoked controversy and protests from Muslims around the world. "I apologize to Muslims and asked that the contest was canceled," he said. He said never thought held a contest like that. According to him, cartoons homemade first time the term "Everybody Draw Mohammed  Day" just kidding.

Norris is a cartoon makers who first mentioned the term "
Everybody Draw Mohammed Day". However, according to him, the cartoon was intended as a satire to television stations in the U.S., Comedy Central, which show one episode of censoring the cartoon show South Park because it displays the images of the Prophet Muhammad. Cancellations were related to pressure from that threaten the South Park cartoon makers. 

"I do not declare May 20 as the Day of All Persons Drawing Muhammad," he said. He also declared himself not making a page on Facebook which invites others to equally draw cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. He explained that the cartoons have been misinterpreted and manipulated others, so as even to spread hatred for Muslims. In fact, Norris stated clearly that he joined another group on Facebook who oppose the contest. However, what has become a prostitute rice porridge.  

Due to the emergence of a contest that is considered insulting Prophet Muhammad and Muslims, Facebook received criticism even blocked in Pakistan. The Indonesian government will soon send a letter to Facebook's controversial blocking those pages that are not accessible from Indonesia. Related to that, Facebook has also issued a statement that it will take action that would shut down its controversial content access from certain countries.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Create an Atmosphere Alive With Bathroom Vanities

Bathrooms have been designed with both certainly will not be attractive and convenient to use if we do not have a major furniture in the bathroom. In selecting the furniture and bathroom accessories should we use high quality and appropriate to your needs.

The bathroom is an important part of our house, every day we must use the bathroom and maybe more than five times or even more than that. Creating an atmosphere alive in the bathroom is necessary to consider, using furniture accessories such as cabinets or bathroom vanities.

Various kinds of colors and shapes of bathroom accessories which we can use to create a cozy atmosphere and beautiful. If we want to make the bathroom a healthy and comfortable, we should not only think about the design and building materials, but also a number of fixtures and accessories of the room.

By using the Bathroom Vanities high-quality course will provide a sense of satisfaction when you use it. Design and an attractive and beautiful styles of bathroom vanities will give comfort to anyone who uses your bathroom such as your friend or another family.

So now create comfort in your bathroom with stylish accessories with themes of contemporary, traditional or modern bathroom vanities. There are many wonderful design choices from bathroom vanities, form the beauty of bathroom vanities can also create a harmonious atmosphere in your family, and use the bathroom vanities match with interior design your bathroom so that the desired atmosphere can be achieved.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

20,000 Letters Stolen by the Postman

Approximately 20,000 letters dated more than a decade found in the garage one postal workers in Philadelphia, USA.  The letters were found when postal officials for several days did not come into the office, the manager had decided to come to his house.

The FBI said that they needed three vans to transport these letters, some of these letters are those from the year 1997. Investigators are still investigating the existence of such a postman for questioning.  Delaying and stealing mail in the U.S. is a federal crime.

The missing letters in which there are reportedly checks, bills and securities. Many residents who had been waiting for a letter asking them to Dave as a letter carrier.  "I asked Dave about the letter should contain a check up to me, but Dave said he never saw it. Dave tells when he saw would contact me," said one owner of the missing letters.

A girl Had been Sailing Alone for Seven Months

A girl from Australia finally touched the finish line to end the sea journey round the world has she been doing for seven months. Jessica Watson 16-year-old girl has successfully become the youngest ever to sail alone, non-stop and not be guided over the surrounding world. Jessica uses her favorite red sailing boat during her voyage.

Thousands of people waited to greet the arrival of Jessica, proponents of direct Jessica cheered when they saw Jessica ship has a length of 10 meters which is entered into the Port of Sidney. Reckless actions of this girl from Australia to sail alone on the ocean was so impressive, where Jessica had to go through trials with 12-meter-high waves, and many people were skeptical and predicted Jessica would not come home alive.

When Jessica was touching the mainland for the first time in 210 days, Jessica was immediately welcomed by both parents who are considered insane who have given permission to Jessica for sailing alone. Jessica began her adventure from Sydney on October 18 last, and she sailed in a northeasterly direction through the South Pacific through the equator.

Her journey then continued southward from Cape Horn to South America, and then she crossed the Atlantic Ocean to South Africa via the Indian Ocean and then she returned again to the south of Australia. Unfortunately, even though Jessica has managed to surpass the record held by Jesse Martin at the age of 18 years, but the action this time Jessica shipping will not be formally recognized as the World Sailing Record Agency no longer continue the record of the youngest sailor.