Friday, September 3, 2010

ITU Requires Blackberry Gives Access to the Data

Widespread problem on blocking the Blackberry is appealing the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). They even asked RIM to cooperate with the state government. Leadership of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) hopes Blackberry manufacturer, Research in Motion (RIM), may provide the possibility of a legal entity of a country to be able to access customer data for legal purposes.

"The government of a country that is trying to combat terrorism have the right to gain access to user information from the manufacturer of the Blackberry, RIM," said Secretary General of ITU Hamadoun Toure. According to Hamadoun, it is a 'request earnestly' mandatory was filled, and there should be cooperation between both parties, both government and private parties to solve urgent security issues like this.

Previously, Saudi Arabia and the countries the United Arab Emirates took the decision to block RIM's Blackberry service if not willing to work together to give access to information related to encrypted communication that occurs between Blackberry users in the country. In addition to Arabic and the UAE, following India, Brazil, even Indonesia will do the same thing.

McDonald's Customers Targeted by Spammers

A new spam tactics targeted McDonald's fans across the world. Corporate Security and control of information technology Sophos has warned computer users to beware of this tactic. According to Sophos, which carried out ways to trap spam promising a cash reward to solve the McDonald's customer satisfaction survey. Email claims submitted by the Department of Surveying' with the subject line Customer Survey McDonald, which directs the recipient to the survey raises questions about McDonald's food.

After the survey has been completed, computer users are asked to provide personal information including their credit card numbers and security codes, so they can get paid $ 90 for taking the time to complete the questions.  "Use of online surveys are a popular way for scammers to generate money, such as customer satisfaction surveys legitimate increasingly common," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.

"Despite the unusual possibility of offering a reward or prize for completing online surveys, questionnaires are not legitimate will never ask you to provide your card details," he asserted. Sophos believes that some users may be more inclined to submit information to the scammers who attacked the fast food restaurant. The Company recommends that companies protect themselves with a consolidated solution which can defend against the threats of spam, hackers, spyware and viruses.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Important to use Good Quality Promotional Products

Promotion has a broader meaning that is intended to inform, persuade or influence consumers to use products produced by a company that does promotions. By doing promotional activities so companies can introduce products more closely with the consumer. In order for goods or services produced can be easily and smoothly into the hands of consumers, the campaign using media such as pens, watches, bags, calendars, cups, mugs and so is an effective way to reach consumers directly.

By carrying out promotional activities are a businessman or producer will get help in introducing and explaining the usefulness of the goods or services are marketed to them. Dynamic nature of the campaign can keep abreast of business, promotional pens are widely used by companies to print some information such as website or phone number which would facilitate consumers to know more detail about their product.

There are many options promotional products that we can use in accordance with
promotional budget we have, and this is the proper way to communicate indirectly with an audience to achieve the desired target market. Are you looking for a reputable company for promotion? If yes, then we should be very selective when choosing companies and authentic branded products that offer solutions and promotion of various kinds of promotional items.

Selection is very important because it will result in the selection of promotional products for your clients who will represent your company image. To purchase logo apparel, promotional products and corporate gifts. Each promotional products company promises to deliver the same product type. However, it is important to choose a promotional products company that offers quality and unique products with good customer service to fit your business needs.