Friday, August 13, 2010

Google Android Sued by Oracle Corp

Oracle Corp. filed for patent and copyright infringement against Google Inc. over the Android software, citing the acquisition of technology from Sun Microsystems Inc. in January last.  "In developing Android, Google is aware, directly and repeatedly violated the relevant Oracle's Java application, this lawsuit seeking the right solution for their transgressions" said Oracle spokeswoman Karen Tillman.

By Oracle, Sun Java technology allows developers to write programs that work on different operating systems and on different computers. This software runs on billions of mobile devices since last year. Google Android, the smartphone operating system, is one of the OS that uses this technology.

However, Oracle did not say whether to ask the court to stop the use of the invention or are looking for cash compensation. Meanwhile, Google through his spokesman Andrew Pederson says the company has not received a report the breach, so no comment. This new case sticking out, according to some observers as another way to bring down Google.

Internet is More Reliable than a Friend

The Internet is a borderless world which is also the most extensive public spaces. But you are announcing, today people have more confidence to tell their secrets on the internet compared with their own friends.  From 3,000 correspondents surveyed indicated that the average adult does not think twice before entering some very personal details about himself when registering on social networking sites.

In real life most of them will not trust their friends to give your PIN number, for example. They are just to add more information about him/her on Facebook or Twitter. According to NetApp as well, with a good 86 percent caring for them and not letting the secret PIN number to friends and acquaintances, and only 5 percent of which reveal some important infornasi to those closest.

Compare with information on the Internet, more than 60 percent gave their birth date on your favorite social site. 50 percent of online users to let all visitors know the status of their relationship, with 30 percent adding a partner for all to see. Commenting on this, Paul Wooding, head of UK Public Sector for NetApp, call this irony. He went on to emphasize that it's really worrying that people have so much confidential information such as home addresses are available on their Facebook profile.

Request of Various Countries to Access BlackBerry Data

India is likely to suspend the BlackBerry service if unresolved security issues with RIM. Disputes between companies of Canada (RIM) and several countries in different world seems far from finished. India's latest ultimatum to the BlackBerry maker, Research In Motion (RIM), came a day after the company was willing to give the user code so that the government of Saudi Arabia can monitor the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). That was done so that the Saudis did not stop the BlackBerry services. BlackBerry email and messaging services are the target for the government in various countries are concerned with national security.

India, like many other countries in the Middle East and North Africa, want access to the BlackBerry communications system that allegedly linked militant activity, including the 2008 Mumbai attacks which killed 166 people. Indian Ministry of Home Affairs will hold a press conference to explain the time limit for RIM to be willing to provide access to the details of encryption in the telecommunications system.  There are some who can talk about the deadline and a proposal to take stern measures against the Black-Berry service during the meeting," said Indian government official who refused to be quoted by name because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Another senior Indian government officials said that mobile phone operators may be asked to stop the Enterprise Email and Messenger services owned by RIM in a while, as a last alternative if RIM is not willing to grant access to their data. "If they do not provide solutions, we will ask cellular operators to stop certain services. Services that can be activated again when they (RIM) gives us a solution," said the source. Responsibility to meet the security requirements of India that depends on the cellular phone operators in India than RIM.

BlackBerry's success over the last few years related to network security, making executives can communicate securely. But this is precisely the problem for security authorities in various countries. The German government has banned politicians and public servants use the BlackBerry. While the EU Commission this month refused to support the BlackBerry to more than Apple's iPhone and HTC smartphones. RIM, unlike its competitors, Nokia and Apple, to operate their own network through the service are protected in Canada and some countries such as England

Monday, August 9, 2010

Comfortable Business Trips with Shuttle Transfers

Vehicles as a means of transportation that is very important to us, wherever we are definitely needed a vehicle. Using private vehicles is certainly more fun than using public transport, but would be very tiring when we use private vehicles for long distances, and also you will spend a very expensive cost for your trip.

Using their own vehicles to travel long distances between countries of course not possible, the cost of your trip will be very expensive, inefficient and time will certainly make it difficult for your business trip. Business travel by plane is the right choice for everyone especially for those of you who have goals that far.

Your flight would be more fun if you have prepared everything you need when you arrive at the airport such as transportation to shuttle will transfer you to your destination such as hotels, the location of meetings with clients and so forth.

With Airport taxi transfers your business travel will be efficient, they will transfer you to the location where you want, and they will also provide assistance in order to travel you do not get problems like traffic jams, blocked roads due to snow, and other obstacles that may would be difficult for your business trip. Shuttle transfer service includes Andorra, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, Estonia, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italia and more.

Transfer service airport shuttle gives you several options such as private cars or public transport, where a shuttle transfer service you can order directly when at the airport, and reservations transportation few days before your flight. By using this transfer service, your business trips easier, comfortable and efficient. So enjoy your business trip now with shuttle transfers.