Thursday, February 11, 2010

Intel Interested in Building Online Applications Store

Almost all ICT companies are fondness for making an online application store. The store is believed to be able to give extra for them. And Intel reportedly also interested in building an online application store, too. Intel plans to show off some of the applications designed for netbooks and mobile devices at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona next. Intel wants is one strategy that hardware manufacturers who are building online stores AppUp Center, which was designed as an online store owned by Apple App Store or Google's Android Market. Later, Intel will rely on developers to fill in the application AppUp Center.

The applications in the future AppUp contains applications for laptops and mobile phones, either paid or free. Intel is hoping this project can be very successful because their applications are not limited to handheld devices only. We have several applications have been prepared in Intel's online store, such as Fring, PopCatcher, Fanomena, and Fluoh. While the rest JayCut video editor application, PhotoFlow image browser, Vagalume client, and eyesight, a useful application for users to control the webcam from their hands.

Google Internet Access via Broadband Ultra High-Speed

Google plans to conduct trials of broadband Internet networks with very high speed or ultra high-speed on some roads in the United States. According to Google's Internet network experiment of super-fast broadband is expected to provide a targeted maximum limit. Google's own claim that the network is able to be tested 100 minutes faster than the Internet that use optical fiber, which is 1 GB per second.For the initial promotion, a company based in California that will provide a very competitive price, which is able to capture at least 50 thousand to 500 thousand people.

"Our goal is to experiment with new ways to help create better internet access and faster for everybody," said Google Product Manager Minnie in their blogs. "Imagine sitting in a health clinic in a rural, with a stream of three-dimensional imaging through the web and discuss the unique circumstances with a specialist in New York, and download a movie with high-definition quality in less than five minutes," he added . In addition to building a broadband Internet access networks are very fast, Google itself has a mission to see and accept the FCC's creativity will be outlined in the National Broadband Plan.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Electronic Media No Evidence Related to Headaches

Use electronic media no evidence related to headaches. At least this happened on the gagdet users among teenagers. This conclusion is derived from a study conducted on 1025 people in 17 years. In the study, researchers found no correlation between cell phones, computer games and television with headache and migraine.

But the study published in the journal BMC Neurology provides notes, listening to music more than two hours per day using the music player gadgets can have an effect on depression in the head. "All this use of excessive electronic media is often associated with the effects of health problems such as dizziness and pain of a certain body," said Astri Milde-Busch of the University Munich, Germany.

Astri and her team interviewed two groups of teenagers. The first group consisted of 489 people who claim to have frequent migraine headaches. Whereas the second group consisted of 536 healthy people who do not feel the headache. When both groups are compared, the results showed that watching television, playing games and using the phone or computer is not connected with headaches suffered by the user gagdet.

In addition to these findings, researchers warned, that the habit of listening to music everyday pain associated with a particular head. "However, we can not unanimously conclude whether music listening habits is the cause of frequent headaches experienced by users of electronic media. Still need research to prove it," said Astri.

Click Clever (IE) from Microsoft Specifically for the Children

Browser called Click Clever which enables Microsoft launched its netter little surf safely, and reported to the authorities if found illegal content or actions of cyber bullying. Click Clever is basically a browser Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) that was developed for use among children. In collaboration with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center (CEOP), Microsoft presents a browser that protects children from Internet harm only with one-click access to a reporting tool.

By clicking the reporting tool in Click Clever, users can inform their illicit content found to be immediately followed up. Children and parents also can ask for help or just advice on how to deal with cyber-bullying action. "This child's special IE8 lets users get to share information and access the Internet securely," said Business and Marketing Officer of Microsoft Matthew Bishop. "The browser is like to be a container that meets the security needs of the family will surf. The parents were definitely going to feel secure and support these browsers," he added. In the UK, nearly two-thirds of Internet users under the age of 18 years admitted in touch online with someone they do not know.

Microsoft's data revealed, they are generally one-third of responding to the invitation of friends from these strangers. Unfortunately, 58 percent of Internet users under the age did not receive supervision from their parents for them to access the Internet. "The presence of this new tool is expected to save the children from the negative risks with one-click support services," Matthew closed.

Accurate Clock to Record the Age of the Earth

The team of scientists in Colorado claims to have created the most accurate clock in the world. Hours are made at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the clock can record 13.7 billion year age of the Earth in four seconds. Patrick Gill, one of the scientists said they created the optical clock to monitor the trapped atoms sway aluminum atoms 27.

"At these two times more accurate than the previous version made in 2008," a high degree of accuracy is due to the atomic clock at the clock frequency is rocking on the waves of light rather than microwaves. Thus, the atoms can divide time into smaller intervals. "At this kind can help catch any small changes that occur at any time. It's just amazing," explained Gill.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Record All Secret Activities Key Logger on Computer

Current development of information technology so fast, exchanging information easily we can do and not limited by time and place. Provide network access unlimited internet on children naturally worry about us, where our teenagers can communicate that may be a negative impact on themselves without realizing it. Necessary protection we give to our teenagers when they were given full access to the network with their personal computers. As parents we naturally want to know what our teenagers have to do when they're online among their friends or strangers they do not know. But you may feel worried that you can remove if you use the Stealth iBot that will help you to find and record all secret activities key logger on personal computers your teenager.

By using this tool, we can easily to find out secretly all confidential records on the computer your child as the sites they visited, passwords, sceenshots when they are online. Stealth iBot you can easily install on any personal computer your children without them know, and you only take about 5 seconds to put it. Spy tool gives you full access to view all suspicious activity or a very confidential. all computer activities your child will be recorded after the embedded Stealth iBot on operating systems, and the feeling of your concerns will be answered by looking at all the activities your child network access freely.

The function of spy tools is not only limited to the computer your children but you can use to investigate suspicious activities on your computer company employee who may have hurt your business. Another device you might need is a GPS tracking will help you to find out the location where your kids go when they leave home to play or go somewhere. GPS tracking is integrated with google earth that provides access to 240,000 locations. By using a spy tool, it is hoped you can protect your family and your business from unexpected loss.