Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Internet Access via Broadband Ultra High-Speed

Google plans to conduct trials of broadband Internet networks with very high speed or ultra high-speed on some roads in the United States. According to Google's Internet network experiment of super-fast broadband is expected to provide a targeted maximum limit. Google's own claim that the network is able to be tested 100 minutes faster than the Internet that use optical fiber, which is 1 GB per second.For the initial promotion, a company based in California that will provide a very competitive price, which is able to capture at least 50 thousand to 500 thousand people.

"Our goal is to experiment with new ways to help create better internet access and faster for everybody," said Google Product Manager Minnie in their blogs. "Imagine sitting in a health clinic in a rural, with a stream of three-dimensional imaging through the web and discuss the unique circumstances with a specialist in New York, and download a movie with high-definition quality in less than five minutes," he added . In addition to building a broadband Internet access networks are very fast, Google itself has a mission to see and accept the FCC's creativity will be outlined in the National Broadband Plan.

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