Friday, October 8, 2010

Oracle Allegation is Denied by Google

Still remember the allegations Oracle to Google about Android patent problem? Well, Google has issued a response to allegations of patent infringement in Android by Oracle. In a court filing, Google refused to seven charges of patent infringement related to Dalvik virtual machine that is used in Android and ask for sole copyright infringement claims to be dismissed.

The company was also accused Oracle is full of hypocrisy. They said that prior to Oracle's takeover of Sun has been vocal support open source Java Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK), but it is not compatible with reality. "Only a few months later, Oracle announced that it would acquire Sun. Since then, Oracle Corp. and Sun has ignored the request of the open source community for open source Java platform," said Google spokesman.

Oracle Corp. filed for patent and copyright infringement against Google Inc. over the Android software, for reasons of technology from the acquisition of Sun Microsystems Inc. in January last. By Oracle, Sun Java technology allows developers to write programs that work on different operating systems and on different computers. This software runs on mobile devices milaran since last year. Google's Android, the smartphone operating system, is one of the OS that uses this technology.

New Display Engine Yahoo

Yahoo has launched a renewal of its search engine services that support the search-related news and entertainment for Yahoo in the U.S. domain. Shashi Seth, senior vice president of Yahoo Search & Markets noted that this change is the first in a series of search enhancements.

When users visit, and seek entertainment or news about topics related news, users will be able to see a box with vertical text tabs for different options, like Video, Pictures and Twitter. Yahoo is trying to re-search engine competition. This was after a long time that Yahoo has been trying something new to the search for the clearly differentiated themselves from Microsoft Bing.

Instead of throwing a long list of links and text, Yahoo has taken a different approach and show an intuitive box. If a user searches on any terms, for example, Scott Pilgrim, users will be able to see a summary box which gives you complete information about the Scott Pilgrim movie. On the right side of the box, users will find pictures, videos and menus Twitter. Click on one of their menu and it will slide from right to left end.

Web search technology has also been enhanced with HTML5 to IOS-based Apple's iPhone and other devices as well as the Google Android. Also list Trending Now 'which will give a brief information about the topics on the web in the form of a slideshow. Similarly, also incorporates image search slideshow feature and users can view a slideshow of the album as well as Flickr.

Beware Malicious Programs Attack on 10/10/10

October 10, 2010 is expected to be a momentum for cyber criminals to spread malicious programs. Security experts warned computer users to beware of that date. Such date as is believed to be disastrous in the IT world like the Y2K virus in the year 2000. Some people believe the news on the internet that says that their computer's internal clock will be infected on 10/10/10 at 10:10.

Even at Facebook have formed a group that will discuss "Is my computer still worked on 10/10/10 at 10:10?". Graham Cluley, Sophos security experts reveal frightening virus There is a long history associated with a specific date, and not surprising to hear people whispering about the risks looming on October 10, 2010. "But with more than 60,000 new malicious software found in every day you have to realize that you need to be careful about the attacks every day throughout the year," said Cluley.

The long history linking a specific date with the virus have occurred since the early 1990s. When that computer users are often advised by experts to be careful every Friday the 13th. When the rumor virus Jerusalem alarmed a number of computer users. Fear is the biggest computer on a certain date occurs during the current year into the new millennium. The majority of computer experts warned that the digital clock will fail to work.

New species of Frog is Green with Pink Eye

A green frog with pink eye the size of your thumb together with 200 other new species have been discovered in Papua New Guinea. The discovery was announced by Conservational International, based on the results of two expeditions that have been conducted in two South Pacific island in 2009.

The expedition was found, 24 new species of frogs, some spiders and insects, including about 100 ants and dragonflies, that has never existed in any previous scientific literature. "This discovery tells us that our knowledge of how small this world," said expedition team leader Stephen Richards.

"We have many worries about the loss of biodiversity and animal, and after this discovery, we would even think that very little knowledge about biodiversity and animal we know," he added. In April 2009, the scientists flew to Nakanai Mountains in New Britain, Papua New Guinea, then browse through kanoe boat, on foot and helicopters to reach the destination of the expedition. There they found many interesting fauna.

The team also found a strange little frog is only 2cm in size only, which had been thought only to live in the Solomon Islands. "It is a surprise to find the species," said the scientist who lives in Australia. The second expedition, in September 2009, taking place in the Muller Mountains Range in Southern Highlands province, Papua New Guinea. The scientists found some kind of grasshopper.

"The discovery of this new species is very significant because it helps document the diversity on this planet, and more importantly, to let you know if we do not care about the planet, then we will lose them, So this discovery is the result of work that is essential for biological experts out there," said Craig Franklin, a professor of zoology at University of Queensland, in Australia.

Beautiful Hacker Indicted in New York

During this hacker activity is always identical with men, but not for Kristina Svechinskaya, which is a beautiful woman with a profession as a hacker. Even the achievements in the field of hacker did not lose to men. Kristina Svechinskaya which has dubbed the hacker's hottest woman in the world, recently appeared in New York City courtroom to face charges of stealing USD 35,000 with a famous Eastern European gangs who use cyber ZBot technique.

Kristina Svechinskaya who underwent the trial approached the bench crying wearing tight jeans and Slinky, calf-high boots. Sexy? In fact she looks more like an artist rather than a hacker. Kristina Svechinskaya has been charged with bank fraud and conspiracy to use false passports. Bright security expert Graham Cluley of Sophos.

"Yes, the prosecutor claimed that Kristina Svechinskaya recruited to join the organization, amounting to more than 24 people and has contacts with computer hackers and individuals who can give a false passport," he added. However, nobody really has the evidence, even if he is proven guilty, that she was a hacker.