Monday, December 5, 2011

Fantastic Games When Urinating

Urinating in the bathroom will not be boring again now, after a group of designers created a urinal that is useful also for playing games. A British company has created a urinal is equipped with a video screen that can be used for gaming. The trick was fairly easy, as users are dumping urine can be adjusted to the left and right drive snowboarder down the slope.

This system was developed four years. This system works with clip-on LED screens at the top of the urinal, and motion sensors are directed inward from the urinal. Game in this urinal is only a short course or for 55 seconds, which was deliberately aimed at a man to spend the time to urinating in the toilet or urinal standing. In addition to playing, players can post the results of his game on Twitter at the end of the game. Scores of these games can be posted online for comparison with scores of other gamers.

Borobudur Temple Doomsday Predictions of 2012

If all this we often hear predictions of Judgement will occur December 21, 2012 through the Mayan calendar, then a video on YouTube showing proof 2012 according to a secret message through the temple of Borobudur in Indonesia.

One video, entitled " DMSDAY 2012 PROOF " shows that there is a veiled message for the construction of the Borobudur Temple, which predicts the Apocalypse will occur on the date of 20-12-2012. The Borobudur stupa is a circle, which consists of the first circle 32 stupas, the second circle 24 stupas, and the third circle 16 and a large stupa.

"Well if you add up 32 +24 +16 +1 was 73, 73 in the basic operation is 7 plus 3 (7 +3) accounted for 10, and if described will be (2 +0 +1 +2 +2 +0 +1 + 2), which refers to the number 2012, 20-12-2012, " the doomsday prophecies that will happen.